Have you noticed there has been more and more talk in the mainstream media about aliens? Just the other day scientists have said there could be aliens living on Venus. What do you think about this? Does the thought of aliens living on another planet scare you? What type of creatures or beings do you picture in your mind when you think of aliens?

With all those questions in mind, now start thinking about where those thoughts and beliefs came from. If you find the thought of aliens terrifying it may be because of the media you consume – the movies you watch or the books you read. How many movies can you think of that depict aliens in a scary manner? Now how many movies show aliens in a friendly light?

There is a lot of propaganda around aliens that make them seem scary. I know personally that throughout the years I have been frightened of the concept of strange looking aliens that come out at night when you are half asleep and headed to the bathroom – because what better time to abduct you right…

But, the more I looked into the alien phenomenon, the more I came to realize that a lot of these ideas about aliens come from exaggerations or a view of aliens as something that they may not always be. Instead of being creatures that like to mutilate cattle for no reason or abduct you in the middle of the night, perhaps there are reasons behind these interactions that actually have a legitimate and valid cause. Or perhaps there is some misunderstanding on human’s part about this process or experience. 

I have found that a lot of alien encounters are actually benign and are there to offer proof of something “more” that is “out there”. There is even evidence that many alien beings exist on a higher spiritual plane than the people of earth, allowing them to advance not only beyond our technology but also their vibrational state. 

Personally, I have greatly enjoyed the work of Dolores Cannon who documented many (I would guess thousands) of cases of alien encounters using hypnosis techniques. I also find the work of Steven Greer through his many channels, but especially his movies, including Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, to be very appealing and enlightening, especially surrounding how alien lifeforms have been presented and treated by our society and cultures. 

There is plenty of evidence in multiple forms that aliens have contacted human civilizations throughout earth’s existence, but there is also evidence of coverup and potential corruption. What you believe on this matters is up to you, but I always like to stress doing your own research and forming your own personal opinions. Basically, don’t trust me or anyone else, look into anything yourself and form your own beliefs.  

I bring up this topic now to broaden your perspective on aliens. Even saying the word alien sometimes feels like something that is related to a conspiracy theory that we shouldn’t take seriously, but really…is that the truth? Or is there some legitimacy behind alien lifeforms? The government is slowly starting to release more and more information about them. Perhaps this is part of a campaign to reintroduce the concept of aliens to the public. And if it is, what reasons (nefarious or otherwise) would they chose to do this? 

Just some thoughts for you to think about…maybe not all is what it seems. 

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