I used to be the type of individual who was always anxious. As an extreme introvert, it was better to just avoid social interaction than to deal with the consequences of energetic exchange. But there is something else that goes along with anxiety and actually seems to create the great deal of it – the stories we tell ourselves. 

Before going to an event do you come up with a million different scenarios and things that “could” happen in your mind? When you get an email do you suddenly spin into various possibilities of what the sender actually meant? Are you the type of person to create stories and drama over every little instance in your life?

Yeah – me too…

I’ve really worked with myself in the past on spotting when I start to create these dramas, labeling them as such and then stopping. See, when we create these stories for ourselves they act as energetic dams in our energetic flow and actually work to stop our creative energy manifestation instead of help it.

What I mean is – creating all this mental drama is just clutter for your energy. It is better to stop the mental “what ifs” and just let what happen happen. Just be in the flow of energy and don’t try to push or pull it or create a fantabulous story around the possibilities. 

And really, is life really that bad or what you thought it was going to be?

Story time now – as I learn better from examples than just words alone and some of you might as well. 

This week we officially withdrew our daughter from the public school system. That’s right, I am now officially a homeschool mom (don’t worry, nothing much will change with my business as this is basically how I have been functioning for many years now). Personally, we just got to the point where our public school just was not the right educational fit for my daughter. I have these elaborate “stories” I like to tell about why we are choosing this – but those are just stories.

What became apparent to me this past weekend is that I started to come up with these elaborate “stories” and “what ifs” in my mind surrounding the actual process of withdrawing her from the district. Would they say something, ask why, cause a disruption? But then I realized I was doing this and told myself to stop. Instead I just released the energies and told myself what will happen will happen.

Come Monday morning I did a quick tarot reading to double check the energies and provide insight into how the process would go – because that is exactly what tarot readers tend to do. I got the 7 of Pentacles, a card for me representing patience so I took that into account. 

Later that morning I wrote an email asking about the school’s particular process they preferred (always good to have a paper trail says the lawyer in me) and let it be at that. I didn’t worry or become anxious at all which would be my typical modus operandi. I didn’t let myself create any stories about how they could or would respond. Then that afternoon I received an email back, a few more exchanges for paperwork and it was complete. Easy peasy. 

No need to get my energies worked up and I realized I saved myself a great deal of anxiety in the process. I also hope that I helped the administrative assistant on the other end of the computer by not making her job too difficult. In my understanding of how the energy of the universe works, by not pushing, pulling, or causing an anxious cluster I was able to smoothly negotiate this process. On the other hand, if I had put a lot of worry and anxiety out into the universe, this would have the potential of creating hiccups and disturbance in the process. 

So that is my story about how not making stories in your mind actually helps life go smoother. I am working on not creating stories around world events, which is a bit more difficult, but a great opportunity and learning potential. 

Do you create stories in your mind? Have you tried to stop these stories and just go with the energetic flow of the universe? 

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