Whose ready for October’s forecast? Here we go…

The first image I am receiving is of a house. It looks like a nice pale blue house that has some nice landscaping. Logically, I would read this as we all may be spending a lot more time in our houses and dwellings this coming month, but I am wondering if there is another layer here that isn’t so obvious. Here I see someone knocking on the front door. It looks to be a masculine figure that is hiding something behind his back…maybe a bouquet of flowers…but the front of his face looks cartoonish and over-exaggerated. 

It feels like there is an energy coming to us this October that is “pleasant in disguise”. Something we think is positive and good but that may have nefarious intentions for us. This is an energy that we are letting in to ourselves, our domain. Well…that seems kind of foreboding…they are saying, just be cognizant and aware of anything and anyone you are letting into your space. Keep your domain a private and sanctified location and maybe don’t let any strangers in, even if they have flowers and a box of chocolates. 

Hmmm…I’m still a little suspicious of the last message, but let’s keep going.

Now I am receiving the image of a sailboat that is out in the ocean. There are minimal waves and the boat is just slightly rocking up and down. The sails of the boat look worn and it looks like this ship is on its last leg, dinged up and dragged down.  This image tells of a time where we are emotionally exhausted and just don’t feel like we can handle much upheaval this coming month….well, that isn’t a surprise.  A lot of people around the world are feeling worn out. The tiniest of emotional issues can feel like a big issues when, in reality, it is just something minor. It is just the fact that this year has been so difficult that causes these issues to feel bigger than they actually are. There is also some loneliness to this image, some feelings of being on your own. 

The next image I receive is of a horse getting moving. There is a rider on this brown horse who whips it. The eyes of the horse are in the forefront and they look frightened and a little shocked at the whip strike forcing them to move forward. Some of us may be forced to go places and do things we may not want to do this month. An external force making us go forward when we would rather stay put. This may be a slight shock to some of us as we didn’t expect that external stimulus to actually hit us.

I ask the guides for some advice for how to handle these…interesting energies this month. They show me the image of a book opening. This may be a great month to get lost in the stories and worlds of others creations. Find a nice fiction book and allow yourself to be removed from your current reality for a little bit. Don’t judge yourself if you just need to zone out in from of the tv or pick up your favorite novel, let yourself have that time in a different world.

I asked if there was anything else they wanted to say and I kind of wish I didn’t just ask that. They showed me a picture of an individual with a rope around their neck and said the “noose” is being “tightened” this month. This month may feel a little more difficult than the previous months as things really start to heat up and disturbances get more intense. 

Well…that isn’t exactly the happy and cheery forecast that I usually do each month…interesting energies coming forward. This mirrors astrological events that are starting to take shape in October as well with Pluto stationing and going direct. My best piece of spiritual advice is that when you are questioning something out in the world, go within and find the answer inside yourself instead of out in the world. 

Many Blessings to you all.

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