Did you know that everything has an aura? Yep, your tv has an aura just as your little pinkie toe has an aura. Some are just easier to read than others, but they exist everywhere because energy is everywhere. If you work on your perception of auras you can get to the point where you see an aura surrounding inanimate objects, but it is generally easier to see auras around living things – your hand, trees, even your little puppy friend. 

This is one reason why I like to suggest working on perceiving auras with your physical eyes using living objects, which includes your animal companions. It helps if your frisky puppy is napping when doing this type of exercise, but you can do it on any of your pets at any time. 

Work on softening your eyes and letting them relax, then focus on the area around the animal, usually up around the head is the easiest to see at first. You can find more tips on how to actually read your pet’s auras in my book, Chakras and Auras: A Practical Guide to Your Energetic Body, but that should get you started.

Personally, I like to occasionally check in on the aura of my very old dog (he is at least 17) just to see how he is doing and progressing. I have watched as the more reddish colored aura of an active dog slowly turned to more yellow of a contemplative dog then adding in purple as he has aged. I’ve also watched as the black from joint pain has slowly extended throughout his field, but that is a different matter. 

I have found that knowing the aura colors of my dog has helped me to connect with him on a deeper level. I can tell that he no longer enjoys the long walks we used to take and instead prefers a gentle ear rub or back scratch more. 

This is why I have added a reading available through my Etsy Store, – an Aura Reading for your Animal Companion. If you want to know what energies are surrounding and coming from your pet, I will let you know. 

Of course, I am always encouraging you peeps to develop your own abilities, so if you want to practice perceiving their aura yourself, I fully and wholeheartedly will cheer you on!

And now that I am reading back through this post I am seeing that it is entirely too dog centric. Just for the record, I am pro-dog and pro-cat (actually pro all animals here, bring on the hamsters, lizards and mice), but I do lean more to the cat side of things, even if this post doesn’t seem that way. I currently do not have any kitty friends living here, but I have had many over the years. Fun fact, as a teenager I actually showed cats. So…yeah…I’ve had a lot of cats…(cats rule dogs drool)…but I’ve also had other pets as well – mice, lizards, a rabbit, a ferret, hamsters…I am probably missing something here, but currently I have only one very old and sleepy dog. 

So, yeah, check out your animal friend’s aura and see what it has to tell you! It is also a wonderful way to deepen the bond and connection with your pet. 


  1. That is a very lovely idea! “Aura Reading for your Animal Companion” 😃 I am surely gonna try that to my ‘victim’ (or patient?) cat 🐱 👍 He is not sick, I just called him a patient, so that I get an excuse to read his aura ❤️ So lovely idea, thank you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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