Recently, I’ve taken the advice of the guides from the October Forecast and started diving into fiction a little more. Which basically means I started a new book and found a new tv series to watch at night. 

My tv series of choice right now is Psych – which is available to watch for free (at least in the US) through the streaming platform

This show ran from 2006-2014 and is basically about a man who is highly perceptive and pretends to be a psychic detective helping out the local police department. In reality, he actually is faking being a psychic and just is really good at noticing details and remembering information.

So, what do I, an actual psychic think of a show where an individual fakes psychic abilities?? Well…I actually am really enjoying it so far (I’m just about to start season 6 so no spoilers!). 

In fact, I would say that the main character in this show is actually displaying psychic abilities, or at least a high level of intuition, even though he purports to be putting on a show and faking it. 

What do I mean??

Basically, when this character puts together clues, the show displays flashes in his mind of information he has narrowed in on – a name on a piece of paper or shoe print on the ground – and connects them to other information. He sees all this information in his mind…in what psychics would call his third eye.

I would call this practice at least a very high level of intuition. I define intuition as high level pattern recognition. That is exactly what this character is doing. He is letting his unconscious brain sift through mountains of information and material to put together pieces that could be unrelated but form a pattern revealing information.

I would also take this one step forward and say he is not only using his intuitive abilities but also actual psychic abilities. When you enter a room there are countless numbers of items that you could focus in on. This character ends up focusing in on a single name on a sheet of paper, I would ask – how does he know that that detail is what is important? Sometimes they even show his mind playing out scenes of how the event “could have” happened – all in his mind’s eye.

I think this show is, unknowingly, showing psychic abilities here. This character is focusing in on information and seeing what is important to solve cases by relying on that psychic insight to know what to pay attention to. Especially when he starts to see the pictures form in his mind aka mind’s eye aka third eye – that is basic psychic ability right there.

Now, this character also sort of puts on a show while doing this, waving his body around and pretending to get bits and pieces – and really, this kind of gives psychics a bad rap as that is not how this works at all. But it is a show and it is entertaining. 

This character also states multiple times that psychics and ghosts and all those metaphysical things are not real – and of course I don’t appreciate that – but what I find kind of funny is that this show ends up actually showing what psychic ability looks like even if they don’t mean to. Maybe the writers should check out my book Psychic Development: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Psychic Abilities to learn what psychic abilities actually look like. 

Overall, I’m greatly enjoying this show for its entertainment properties even if they don’t realize what psychic information actually is. But, if you want to recommend another show, I’d love to check out some of your favorites!

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