Yes, like most psychic forecast this year I have put this one off. Yes, I was also curious about how this energy would play out. Yes, I am still curious.

We currently live in a very tumultuous time. There is a blanket of dense energy that is just making everything a little tougher. Emotions flare easier. Relationships get tangled and splintered. We are currently on a dimensional trajectory which was set in stone a few months back, this is the energetic outcome of our previous actions.

So…what exactly should we expect in November??? 

The first image that comes through is of a tornado. Tornados are very symbolic of leveling foundations and this is what this energy looks to be telling us. Our foundations get taken out from underneath us this coming month. Those things that brought us stability suddenly don’t have a leg to stand on. This is Tower card tarot energy at its basis. 

Personally, living in the US, when I see this energy, I think of the election. Let’s be real, the whole world is looking at this election and what is says for our character as a civilization. I’m not sure we will understand or be willing to really understand what this time means until we can look back at it from a different perspective in the future. The one thing that is certain is that tornado energy, tower card energy, foundation shaking energy, brings with it the opportunity to rebuild. This is a year of Pluto/Saturn energy, this is what we should expect. 

The next image that comes through is of a fisherman casting out his line from boat. The guides are just sending me some very common symbology, likely to make sure I do not interpret it wrong. This fisherman image is a symbol for waiting. The energy this month is one of patience and waiting to see what happens. When tornadoes hit you don’t always know the full extent until the next morning when the sun appears. Likewise, we won’t know the full extent of what this energy is bringing to us until the light comes back. There is a waiting time this month where the outcomes won’t necessarily be known right away.

In this waiting time, the image has the fisherman on a boat. Usually, I will see the fisherman on a dock or pier, but here he is an old weary man and he is sitting in his small row boat. This speaks to the idea of waiting in your emotions. Of having to be in the emotional waters and not have a break because they are all around you. 

The next image that comes across is that of a large wave crashing against shore. Water is symbolic of emotions and these are intense, strong, and large emotions that are coming towards us. For some of us, especially those empaths out there, you will literally feel a wave of emotions this month. Even if your own emotions are not strong, you may be either physically feeling or seeing the effects of other people’s (or your own) emotions right in front of your face. 

Okay, so I think we all need some advice from the guides for how to handle all this…destructive, patient, emotional energy… The image that is coming across is of an individual curling up and hiding themselves into an acorn shell. Well…okay…so what they are saying here is when the outside world gets to be too much, try to pull in your perspective and view. Instead of focusing so much on the world at large, take on a smaller more micro view. Just focus on your community and those around you. If that is too much, just focus on your family and friends. If that is too much, just focus on what is happening in the physical room you are currently in. 

There is no rule that states you have to keep up with what is happening in the world at every moment of the day. It is okay if everything is too much for you. It is okay to retreat and think of your own mental safety. You choose the experience you have and there are many things (although not all) that you can avoid. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t go on twitter or facebook. Curate what you choose to see and experience. 

So I just want to end this by asking the guides for some practical advice that anyone can implement right now. They say to “make lists”. When things are getting too much or you don’t know what to do next, make a list. Make of list of what you are thankful for, make a list of what you want to accomplish, make a list of who is important in your life, find something and make a list. They are saying this “list making” will help refocus on what is immediately and tangibly in front of you. What you actually are experiencing and living right here right now not in some digital universe. 

Thank you guides for your messages for this month. It is all a matter of perspective of what we choose to focus on.

Non-psychic side speaking here. I look over this reading and I literally said to my husband, “you don’t have to be psychic” to see what is coming this month. Everything the guides speak of has hints already in place. You can see the potential for some foundations crumbling, for not having answers right away, for emotions running high. And there is a good reason for this, in one of these monthly readings a few months back we saw that the energies “cemented” into place. The trajectory for the coming months was set and now it is easier for anyone to read the writing on the wall and tell the future. 

What we need now is an effort to lift above this timeline, but that is a difficult task because it asks for us to send love to those things that irritate and berate us. We may not be ready as a civilization to traverse that landscape of love, but you can do it as an individual to help out the collective. 

Send love out into the world this month. To every person, great and small. 

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