It feels like we are climbing a mountain and we are almost to the top, but not quite there yet. There is still a tiny portion left to go until we get that feeling of relief of falling back down the mountain. We are in the homestretch of chaos and strain, but that doesn’t mean that our worries are ending yet, just that they are starting to peak. 

With this image of climbing a mountain sent from the guides, I ask them what advice they have for us in this specific point in time. What advice do they have for us humans living our everyday mundane lives.

“Take it in, dear child. Do not wait for occurrences to happen to you but plan for a future that is possible and potential that is achievable. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not totally dark. You can see the reflection of light off the walls. You can feel the vibrations of others in the tunnel. You are not alone. You are not in the dark. Don’t pretend that you are. 

Remove yourself from situations and people that distract you from your joy. There is no need to subject yourself to an environment that you cannot see peace in. You have a choice. Take it. There are no have to or should be’s, instead there is just opportunities. Take the opportunity to be at peace and live in joy. Remove those outer-layers that are disturbing your joy and let yourself settle into a bed of peace.

Yes, there is still turmoil in your world. There is still violence and disease. But you can choose whether or not to participate in that paradigm. This doesn’t not mean to not protect yourself or be vigilant, it means what to lend your energy to. Do not lend your energy to those that choose drama and virulence. They exist on both sides and they each believe in their own set of rights and wrongs. We do not say they are ‘wrong’ just that you do not need to be caught up in their sphere of influence if you choose not to.

Find what brings you peace. Find what brings you joy. Follow that inner guidance and don’t let yourself get caught in the energy webs of other’s creations. They are out there and they are large, but they are avoidable. Take the longer route and let you mind find joy instead of being tangled in the strings of deceit. 

The energy of this world you live in is not fully settled right now. There is still a lot of chaos out there. But the time will come. There is potential in the future. Be wise and occupy your mind with peace while we wait for the energetics to be right for peace to reign again.

Be well my child. Do not despair. We are here for all who need us. We are part of the source of all knowing and we are here for you.” 

I thank the guides for the message today. What good advice they give. I know I keep finding myself caught up in the “what ifs” of the coming months and what needless anxiety and drama that brings. I will listen to this message and do my best to try to let go of those dramas and focus on those things that bring me joy. For me personally, that means staying off twitter where you can see all different extreme ideas on the various topics in the world today.

I also like the image of almost being to the top of a mountain. It feels like things have the potential to get more intense, the rates of covid are skyrocketing around me locally so it feels like things are just going to get worse, but there is that idea of relief just up ahead. That peak of energy that then starts to wane. That doesn’t mean it is going to get better in the short time, but eventually it will.

An astrologer I follow, Chris Brennan, posted a graphic (on twitter) of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions compared to covid spikes in the US. The images looked eerily similar but, even with the warning of a very large spike coming, there is also the relief coming from the downswing after that spike. 

So, all of this is to say, personally, I’ll take this advice and follow it the best I can. I’ll attempt to stay off twitter and focus on the joy in front of me. I will be at peace with the knowledge that although the energy gets more intense in the coming months (yes, the astrology has some rather large “hits” coming up) there will be a relief and a time to breathe. The peak of the mountain is in sight. 

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  1. This is just what I needed to hear as a burst of inspiration today—thank you and the guides for your words of encouragement.


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