So, you’ve been practicing your psychic abilities for awhile now and you get hit after hit. You know you are making progress and you can tell that you are connecting to that unconscious field of energy. Perhaps you’ve even read a great book or two. Now you want to take your practice to the next level…but what do you do??

Once you have that good base in understanding what your psychic skills look like and how to use them, you can take several steps to enhance those abilities and really strengthen your skills. Here are three of my favorite tips to move beyond that “beginner” phase.

Pull Back on Ritual and Tools

As you developed your psychic skills you likely added some forms of ritual or tools to the process. Whether it was lighting a candle every time, burning incense and sage, or having stones nearby. Learning to do readings without these accoutrement will be helpful as you progress in your abilities. 

You don’t need to get rid of all your rituals and having some sort of psychic protection in place is good, but learning to do readings and feel energy without the pomp and circumstance allows you to take your practice on the go. This way you can practice your reading skills while outside your comfort zone, learning to really hone your abilities with distractions around.

But don’t be disappointed if you learn that some of your ritual or tools is needed and helps you connect. If you watch the great psychic medium Tyler Henry, you will see that he still uses a pad of paper and a pen to do his readings. This is his method to help him distract his conscious mind and tap into the energy field. Likewise, if you have seen early episodes of the show Monica the Medium it showed she had a ritual or desire to touch the person she was reading to make a connection. She had to learn to let go of this need for physical contact to progress to the scale and size she wanted to for her readings aka doing large public events.

Personally, I used to write an individual’s name on a piece of paper and hold my hand over that name as my anchor for doing readings. This was my way of connecting to that energy. Slowly but surely I pulled back on this practice and this allowed me to strengthen my skills and use them outside of my usual environment.

If you desire to take your skills to the next level, take a look at what rituals and tools you use to connect. Is there anything that makes it difficult for you to do readings on the go? Are there any tools or practices that can be released so you can be more versatile in your readings? If so, perhaps work on doing reading without those. Maybe just one or two at first, but work with yourself to slowly release those habits that you have built up. These habits are great for beginners, but they can hinder advancement, especially if they route you to one location to do readings.

2. Keep Up Daily Practice

Once you’ve got a handle on your psychic abilities you may feel like you no longer need to do the practice and work that you put in in the beginning. And, in some respects this is true, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to do something. Not using your skills for awhile can make you rusty and you may have a difficult time connecting if you don’t keep up some sort of your routine. 

You do not need to devote hours to practice sessions each week. Instead, I always like to recommend small daily consistent practice. Just a minute or two a day is going to help you more than trying to find an hour on a Saturday to sit down and get in the zone. A little work over time really adds up.

For me, this looks like a morning check in with my guides to see what my energy will be like for the day. This is a practice I recommend for people developing their skills and it is one that I also recommend for the advanced practitioner. Checking in on your energy is quick and easy. This is not a practice that should take you an hour each morning, just a few minutes.

I find it helpful to pair this energy check in with an activity that you are doing every morning anyway. If you always have a cup of coffee when you wake up, perhaps doing an energy reading on yourself while the coffee brews. I like to do my daily check in in the shower after I cleanse my energy and build up my psychic protection for the day. 

Find that activity sometime in your day and pair a quick reading with it. This way your skills will never get rusty.

3. Use Your Psychic Ability for Daily Living

Really combining the ideas in my first two recommendations, using your psychic abilities while you go about your day will help you to move beyond that beginner stage. First, however, you may have to drop some of your rituals, but after that daily practice can be achieved through your everyday life.

You can incorporate trusting your psychic abilities and working on them the more you use them, especially for the little things that you do in everyday living. How long should you microwave those leftovers? Trust your intuition to tell you what to set the timer at. Should you go the normal route to work or should you take the scenic way? Trust your intuition. 

Taking your practice outside the confines of strict ritual will allow you to really expand what you are able to do. There are so many options available to you, you just need to be aware. Instead of always going back to mundane routine, use your intuition. What you want to do is to train yourself to follow your intuition first before using some other technique you have been taught. 

If you have a business meeting with a new client and you need to know which of your products would be a good fit for them, tune into your psychic abilities and check. Later you can do your usual routine of researching them and their business, but allow your psychic abilities a chance to give you an unbiased opinion first.

The more you use your psychic abilities and the more locations and circumstances you allow these psychic abilities to function, the stronger you will become and the more trust you will learn to have in yourself.

What is a situation where you used your psychic abilities that is unusual or unexpected? What are some tips you have to move beyond the beginner stage? 

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