What an interesting year we have had. How much have you learned about yourself and the world around you? This month, instead of just reading the energy patterns for our forecast, I opened up the conversation to the guides, asking them what we should expect for the upcoming month. 

This is what they brought through (Channeled Reading): 

The first image they are sending through is of a nighttime scene. Everything is cast in a bluish/purplish glow and shadows. There is a calmness there and the image of a child at sleep being draped in a blanket appears. 

A blanket will cover the earth in a feeling of calm and content. There is a time to breath this month. There is a time to settle in and for peace. There must be sleep before a body can awaken. This is the time to sleep and prepare for what is to come. For an awakening of the planet and the earth. An awakening to peace and joy. It is there in the kernels of truth. It is there for those who seek it. It has always been there.”

Next, they show the image of a native individual banging on a drum. There is a forest behind this man and there is a fire in front of him. There appears to be sand at his feet. 

Listen to the music in the distance. Listen to the music in your heart. The beat is playing there for you to dance to. You must find the rhythm of your life in the songs of the birds and the winds in the trees. Pay attention.” 

I thank the guides for coming forward.

You will notice that the difference between a psychic reading and a channeled reading is that there is a higher level of information and knowledge that comes through with channeled readings. Here the guides are not concerned with the mundane everyday tasks, instead they are here to give a bigger picture and broader spiritual overview of what we are going through right now.

I read their words as saying that December is a month of rest and a time to recharge. We won’t necessarily make any big accomplishments, but instead, by resting, we are preparing ourselves to awaken in the spring. 

They talk about cycles and finding the beat, the rhythm of the world. Not all periods of time are meant for action. Some are meant for rest and this is one of those times. There is the possibility of peace and calmness in your life if you allow that to happen. For some this rest will mean endings and for others, they will be able to focus on the potential for new beginnings to come.

Do you mourn what has past or celebrate what is to come?

Figure out where you want to focus this coming month, on the past or the anticipation of the future. 

Reading the energy patterns this month (aka psychic reading):

The first image brought through is that of an individual doing a crossword puzzle. This month we may need to figure things out. To find which letters go in which boxes, to use our mind to find the solution at hand. Our minds may be busy this month trying to make everything fit and find the correct solution we are looking for. Because if we don’t find just the right solution, the other things in our life won’t fit exactly right either. 

Next they show the image of an orange. An orange is symbolic as having a hard and bitter exterior while a sweet interior, but you have to work at getting to that interior part. December is a month that may seem difficult at the surface, but when you peel back the layers and switch up your focus, you can find that there is a sweetness to it that is quite refreshing. Instead of spending all your time thinking about and concentrating on the difficulty, try to reach inside and find the juiciness. 

The final image is of an arrow being shot, the moments after it has been released but before you find out if it hits its target. This is that month of anticipation and waiting. All that can be done is done. We may have some idea of where we think the arrow is heading but we can’t be sure it will hit the target this month. A wind can always come along and blow the arrow off course.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed December. May your lights shine bright and your joy overtake the earth. 

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