I don’t know about you, but having this divisive character of Trump around and featured prominently in our collective these last five or so years has really tested my spiritual path. I can see how easy it is to get caught up in his energy, good or bad, and have it inadvertently influence you. 

I see myself making judgments of others based on their beliefs around this character and what he does and says. I see myself making my own judgments on his words and deeds. But, I also see this as an opportunity to practice my own belief system and not just theorize on these spiritual topics.

So, with that said, let’s get started on the practical use of the character of Trump in spiritual practice. 

First, let’s talk about the metaphysical and spiritual principles that are at work:

Personally, in my belief system, I believe that everything is of God or Source or Brahman or whatever you want to call it. That means that every person, place, and thing on earth (and everywhere) is God…including Trump. 

Then there is the metaphysical belief that the world around you is a mirror of yourself. What you judge in others is really an aspect of yourself that is being reflected outward.

I also believe that, as channeler Paul Selig’s guides put it “What you damn, damns you back” – meaning, whatever you decide is “bad” then drags your energy down to the same level.

Now, how do we apply these spiritual principals to the character of Trump in our current collective reality? How can we spiritually and metaphysically reconcile these ideas on a practical level?

Soul in human body – everything is source energy

One thing that I continually remind myself is that there is an individual soul of light in each body. The soul does not necessarily reflect the personality-complex that it takes on in this lifetime. The nicest soul in the universe can take on the personality-complex of a murderer. 

How my guides have explained this to me is with the image of an alligator costume. You take a gentle and kind soul and put it in the suit or costume of an alligator, and that soul has to deal with the natural inclinations of the alligator. Meaning, the personality-complex of an individual is separate from the soul and it contributes to the life lessons and purpose that a soul comes here to learn.

So, there is a soul inside of Trump. We don’t know, but perhaps that is a highly advanced soul that chose to incarnate here on earth to teach lessons to the entire world. By doing what we as a society deems as “evil” or “selfish” work, this soul is helping a lot of people to grow and advance spiritually. 

Having that concept and idea of Trump as a soul helps me to send love to the soul that is inside him even when the personality complex goes against my personal morals. 

Bringing darkness to light – mirror of our collective 

Another way I use the character of Trump in my spiritual practice is to look at the actions and consequences of his actions. One big one of these is to bring what has been hidden and in the dark out into the light. 

This is very easy to see with the rampant racism that is now apparent. We know that there has always been deep seated racism in American and around the world, but did you realize it was as bad as it is? I am sure everyone now knows which of their relatives has some of those racist tendencies now. Has anyone else unfriended family members on facebook because it has now become socially acceptable for them to post racist or hate filled memes?

Before we can advance as a society and a species we first have to see and understand the bulk of the problems and issues. I am pretty sure most of us that were ignorant of the amount of hate in the country and the world are now well aware of what exists. 

And this is something Trump did – he brought light to the issue of hate. This may not be in a manner that we deem acceptable as a society, but you cannot deny that it is easier now than in the past to see where love needs to be sent to triumph over hate and ignorance. 

Loving Kindness to All – what you love loves you back

In Buddhism, there is a popular mediation that has become very Westernized called the Loving Kindness meditation. It works to help you send loving kindness to all beings, starting with those you love and moving to those you are natural about and then on to those you hate or have negative feelings towards. 

Whenever I think of Trump in a manner that does not view him in love, I work on shifting to that heart center space and sending out love to him. I know if I want to advance spiritually, I must see love everywhere, even in those things that society deems negative. 

If I don’t want to “damn” myself, I cannot “damn” anyone else. If I don’t want to lower my vibes, I can’t send low vibes to others. If I want to live in love I can’t send hate. You get the idea. 

So, yeah, I have been using this character we have all manifested in our shared reality of Trump to progress spiritually and see where I need to put in more work. This is not to say I am perfect at this but it is a practice and we sure get lots of opportunities to practice. 

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