There is this little nagging issue in the metaphysical and spiritual community where people like to quotes or write out popular principles – “the world is a mirror of yourself” or “everything is made of source energy” – and then they end it there…at the theory part…no practical application.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is 100% great to know all these different metaphysical principles about how the universe works, but there is really something missing isn’t there? No matter how many time you read The Kybalion or The Ra Material or any of the Seth Material, it will still only get you so far. 

What is missing is that practical application into your everyday mundane life. How do these principles of metaphysics effect you when you are driving in your car to work or when you have a confrontation with a friend? How are these basic principles expressed and applied in the tangible physical world we are all experiencing right now? Even though metaphysics tells us this is all an illusion, that everything we see and experience is actually an illusion like our own personal holodeck, how does knowing that help our life?

You can gain all the knowledge you want in life, read all the books and watch all the shows or youtube videos, but it is not until you actually apply that knowledge that wisdom comes.

I believe the ultimate test of these metaphysical principles is to apply them in the moment of need. It is easy to apply them after the fact when analyzing your reactions to situations – “I was upset with Johnny’s appearance in the office today because internally I am really self-conscious of how I look”- but taking those metaphysical principles and applying them the moment something happens, is the biggest task of all. Being in an argument with your friend and seeing that you are actually projecting your fears onto them while carrying on the conversation…well…you can’t really even keep up that argument when you see the true reason behind it can you?

I’m pretty passionate about taking this esoteric information and making it practical – bringing the mystical down to the mundane – because it is when we make the principles practical and apply them in your life, that you can really gain the true wisdom you seek.

You may have noticed this desire to make things practical in the titles of my books in the Friend to Friend Series, as each of them are subtitled “A Practical Guide to….”. These books are mirroring this desire I have, to make these metaphysical concepts useful to our daily lives.

In my Chakras and Auras book, I don’t just tell you what the chakras and aura are, but how to use that information to your advantage. Yeah, I can tell you that you have a yellow aura with layers of orange speckled throughout and a giant tear over your heart chakra which is shutting off the flow of that energy, but that is only going to get you so far. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how to figure out the colors of your aura yourself and then know how to fix any deficiencies that pop up? This is what the Chakras and Auras book does, gives you the tools to assess your own energetic body and then correct any tears, blocks or closed chakras so you can feel your best.

Then, in my Dream Interpretation book, I set out to teach you how to interpret your own dreams. This is another case of, yes, I can interpret your dream for you, but wouldn’t it be better if you could wake up in the morning and figure out the symbolism on your own before you even finish your morning coffee? With a knowledge of the meaning behind your dreams and what your subconscious is trying to tell you, you can accomplish what you truly want to accomplish in life and not just surface level enjoyment.

Then there is my newest book, Psychic Development, where I teach you how to actually tone up your psychic muscle and be your own psychic. Yes, my ultimate goal is to help everyone not need my readings and instead be fully confident in their own abilities. I believe that understanding and using your own psychic insights can really enhance your life on a daily and practical level. From taking the shorter route to work to knowing just the right time to microwave your leftovers, psychic work is nothing if not practical. 

So, all of this is to say, I am big on making the mystical mundane, of taking esoteric principles and practically applying them to your daily life. Just look at my last post on the character of Trump. In that post I show you how I attempt to use my own advice and change the way I perceive my day to day world in a manner to make it more peaceful. 

How can you take your great knowledge of the metaphysical and spiritual world and apply it to your daily life? Do you find it difficult to do or is it easy-peasy for you now?

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