Okay…is anyone ready for the 2021 yearly forecast?? I went back and looked at the 2020 forecast, and wow, things make a lot of sense with the perspective of a year in front of us. The guides have some similar advice for us this year, but also some information on how to utilize the energy coming forward for the best potential outcome.

And, as always, if you want your own personal yearly forecast, I have this reading available through my Etsy store.

General Energy of the Year

The first image that comes forward is that of a mixing pot. An individual is in the kitchen and they have a large blue bowl in their hands. In the bowl is a dough that is still pretty soft and needs to be brought together. The individual is using their blue mixing spoon to combine all the ingredients into a good consistency. While doing this they seem content and focused.

This next year brings a time for us to integrate all the lessons and ideas we are learning. There has been a lot thrown at us in the previous year – fully understanding the implications and the reasons behind some of the events that we have seen is going to take time and patience – both with ourselves and with the world.

2021 is a year of contemplation and integration. There were a lot of big items that came our way over the last year that it is difficult to even remember some of them (who remembers the fires in Australia at the beginning of the year or the potential talk of WW3?). Truly understanding all the implications of these events does not happen overnight. Changing your understanding of the world or the people around you does not happen instantly. It takes time. 2021 is the year of that time to fully integrate and understand, or at least start to do so. 

The next image is of a man from the 1920s snapping his finger and moving along to a musical beat. The image has a black and white feel and the vibrations of energy starting to move forward again. This man bends his knees and snaps as cars drive pass him and the music of an orchestra builds in the background.

2021 is a year that may feel reminiscent of the 1920s or even 1950s for some of us. There is that regressive quality that happens, the moving back in time to a different era. But within that move there is also the feeling of progress and things building up in speed and tempo. A weird juxtaposition. Both a regression but a build up within that regression.

It was like 2020 pushed us back into a different fabric of time and 2021 is coming along to help slowly get us moving again and start to find that right “beat” to be on. There is the black and white feel to the image though, and that division is still there, but shades of grey are starting to be seen.

There is also that subtle nod to the musical West Side Story and the conflict between the Jets and the Sharks – a conflict in the streets – of different “gangs” coming up against each other. 

The next image is of an individual up in the night’s sky laying back on a cloud. The cloud is big and puffy and this individual is just relaxing back on it. They have a tv screen that they are watching, just chilling out and not doing much.

For some individuals, 2021 is going to be a year full with themes of escapism. Like an opportunity to disconnect from their current life and change the programming. Some individuals may just disconnect from society all together and go to their little cloud in the sky and just wait out the energy of the year (or next couple of years). There is nothing wrong with this, this image seems very peaceful and has a gentle quality to it. 

There is this idea of just spending the year in your mind instead of in your body. Taking the opportunity to live “in the clouds” instead of “on the ground”. Finding the programming that you enjoy and watching that play out from your little space in the sky.

Advice to us for the year

Asking for advice on how to handle the energies of the coming year, at first they send a barrage of images, I ask for one at a time. The first image is that of an orange. Oranges are very symbolic because they have a dense sour outer layer that you must get through to get to the sweet inner layer. 

In 2021, we are asked to find a way to peel back that sour outer layer on the various aspects of our lives – the people, the situations, the events that happen. Try to find a way to break through what appears to be something “bad” or “negative” or “sour” and see the true inner core of what is inside. See the sweetness in the chaos and divisiveness. See the light inside everything and everyone.

The next image the guides send is a duality – both a cup of coffee and an individual smoking a cigarette. This is an advice of finding a crutch that helps you smooth out your emotions and stabilize your energies. These are images of possible “addictions” that can be used to calm an individual down. The guides are not saying to pick up habits that society has deemed “negative” or “unhealthy” but instead to allow yourself to use those that you already have as a crutch to stabilize your emotional state this year. 

The next image that the guides send through is of an individual looking down the barrel of a shotgun at a target. This is a symbolic message to look at what you are aiming at in your life. Is it the target that you actually want or are you aiming at someone else’s target for you.

The energies this year are shifting and changing and you can use that to your advantage. If you find yourself on a life path that was designed by someone else, this is a good year to shift it to one that is truly of your own choosing. Ride the energy wave of change and find the target, the outcome, that you want in life and aim for that instead. 

A Message from the guides

“My dear children. This coming year is one of test and triumph. Of exhilaration and steadiness. It is a time to find that feet beneath you and walk in the land of mortals. This is a time of both celebration and joy as well as hardship and defiance. A year of transition is upon us and it is up to you how to proceed. Find your bearing in this world.

We are in a time of grace and we are here for you during this transitional shift. You can choose to hang on the wings of birds and soar like the eagles or you can choose to swim with the alligators. These choices are yours to make. 

We will be with you this year and the next and the next. None is necessarily more difficult than the next but some have more roadblocks in your path. You must just wait your turn and then drive around. Don’t be discouraged my children. The path to light is always inside you. You do not need to venture out into the seas of changes to discover the essence of your soul. Just turn your focus and you will see.” 

Animal Guide to help us through the year

The animal guide that comes forward for us to help guide us through this year is the stinkbug. What an interesting animal guide for us to share this coming year. Stinkbugs main differentiating feature is that they shoot off a chemical that smells bad when they are threatened. This year we are being asked to pay attention to all our senses as there may be times when we feel attacked or that there is danger near. In these situations, pay attention to any smells or sounds that seem to come out of nowhere to act as a warning for you. Let all your senses come forward and advice you of your situation. If something doesn’t pass the “smell test” or “smell’s bad” as the sayings go – avoid it.

Stinkbugs also have hard outer shells. This is a year when we may need that hard outer shell around ourselves to allow our inner lives to flourish and grow. Learn to defend and protect your physical presence so that your intuitive and spiritual inner world can remain safe.

Numerology of 2021

2021 is a 5 numbered year. 5 years are all about shifts and changes. During a 5 year you can expect different options and opportunities to come up for you. Whether you decide to take them is your decision, but they will likely appear in your path.

This is a 5 year for the whole world, so in additional to changes in your life you may start to see a lot of shifts and changes in the world we all live in. 2020 was a strange and very different year for many and 2021 will continue this theme, although in a gentler and more direct fashion. 

While we were faced with many major life lessons to learn and live through in 2020, 2021 will be more of a year of shifts and changes, of deciding what outcomes we want in our life from those lessons we learned the previous year. 

2021 is not a year of mass stability and comfort, but one of finding and deciding where we want to go in both our individual lives and as a civilization as a whole. We are given the opportunity to integrate the lessons we learned in 2020 and make those changes in our world. 

We saw stark examples of what we as people, as individuals, can do to curb a number of different society, worldly, and ethical issues. Just look at the impact and implications for climate change and pollution in our world. The canals in Italy were clear for the first time in decades – less cars were on the roads globally – the shifts we had in our daily life brought massive examples of environmental change and potential. 2021 is the year where we decide if we want to continue down that path or if we want to go back to our old ways. 

Climate change is just one example of a major planetary potential shift where we are now going to be given the choice on how to proceed, but there are many others. Just look at the previous year and you can probably name five to ten. 2021 is the year were we integrate those lessons of 2020 and we make decisions. 

Shifts and changes are possible, but the question is which path are we going to head down? Which lessons have we actually learned? 2020 was a 4 year (home and family – we definitely spent more time at home this year), but also a 22 vibration, that of the master teacher. Have we learned the lessons that teacher has taught or are we going to struggle through this cycle?

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