How to connect with your spirit guides…talk to them…no really, it is pretty simple to connect with your spirit guide. We like to put up artificial roadblocks in our way to prevent this connection, but it is actually surprisingly easy. It is also highly likely that you may not even realize the interactions you have been having with your guides for years because it is often very subtle communication that may be overlooked (hint – just like how you are likely psychic but don’t realize it).

I interact with a lot of individuals who want to have that connection with their guides, but just aren’t sure how to or even where to start. I view this relationship as uber important and helpful in everyday life, so I’ve put together 6 tips that will get you started on forming a solid relationship with your guide. 


Probably one of the most helpful things you can do to establish your connection with your guide is to view them as a person, someone who is reachable and you can connect with. This can be done with a name or an image of what your guide could look like. This can also be done with a simple color. Something that makes your guide stand out and be distinctive from the rest of your life.

As part of my spirit guide readings, guides usually come forward with an image that is relatable, a physical personable representation of themselves or who they have been in a previous lifetime. They usually provide some sort of name as well, a sound to connect with them and call them forward.

But, you don’t need one of my readings to tell you this. You can ask your guide for a name or an image of themself that you can recognize them by. And if you don’t get anything right away, you can actually just name your guide yourself and decide what to call them. They won’t care what you call them as long as you are communicating with them, so just pick a name and go with it.

When I was first connecting with my guide, I had a really difficult time hearing their name. I finally just started calling my primary guide Bob and that stuck for many years. Later on I was able to receive a different name from him and that has since evolved as our relationship has changed and morphed over the years. 

That is right, names can change. The image they present with can change. You may find one name works in the beginning and that as you progress in your relationship you may receive a different name to represent a different way that they have begun working with you.

Basically, all of this is to say, call your guide by a name, any name that you associate with them – Bob, Joe, Carol, Susan, Jane – whatever name you want, even a boring placeholder name. Visualize them as an individual or energetic color you can talk to. This will help you establish a relationship with them.

Using the Elements to connect

Something I was not really aware of much when I started talking with my guide, but have since learned as I have met and connected with other individual’s spirit guides is that some guides (and people) have an affinity for certain elements – earth, air, fire, water – that sort of thing. 

Occasionally, I will get information that a guide will come through better if an individual is taking a bath (water) or out in nature (earth) or with a candle lit (fire) or on a walk/run (air). Creating an energetic environment that is more receptive to both your personal vibration and that of your guides can be helpful for that connection.

Now which one is right for your connection may take a little trial and error, or, of course, follow your own intuition on this. Try talking to your guide in different environments and see if one feels better or easier than another. 

Also, be creative here. I have had guides tell me that they connect with their individual better with the element earth, but suggest a house plant as an alternative to being outside in a forest. This does not need to be difficult. If you don’t have a bathtub, a shower works perfectly fine. But if you have access to an ocean, that may be even better. Try out various scenarios and you may be surprised if you can connect with your guide easier in one environment over another. 

Subtle Communication

It is important to be aware of what type of information you are likely to receive. It is very likely that you aren’t going to physically hear your guide in your ears like you will hear a normal conversation with another human. Instead, this conversation is more akin to telepathy. With your own inner voice being used to provide you information. 

In general, being aware of all the “clairs” is helpful as guides can send information through all your psychic senses. This is another area where you can try out a few different things to see what type of communication style works best. 

Your guide may be really good at sending images to your mind whereas another individual’s guide may focus on clairaudience. Pay attention to all your psychic senses as you may be surprised at what type of communication your guide specializes in. 

Energetic Signature 

I have also found that many guides have specific energetic signatures. These are sensations that you can feel in your body when they want you to know that they are around. These different energetic vibratory signatures may come off as feeling like a hot or cold spot. They may feel like a tingling sensation or a pinprick. There is a wide variety of subtle sensations that a guide may use to tell you that they are around. 

I have found that recognizing these signatures are an easy way to quickly ascertain whether or not you have a connection and with what guide you are connecting with. 

My main guide sends me a sensation on the left side of my face, akin to him placing him hand on my cheek to give me encouragement. Feeling this sensation, I know that this particular guide is around and ready to communicate. I will feel different sensations for my other guides as a quick way to know whether or not they are around. 

Connect with primary guide 

Speaking of a variety of guides, you likely have a whole team of guides working with you. There are guides that work as joy guides to help raise your vibratory rate or protector guides who help protect your energetic body. There are healer guides who come when you need assistance and special project guides who come to help with…special projects. 

Basically, you likely have a variety of guides that do a variety of things. When you start connecting with your guides, however, it is usually easiest to focus on your primary guide. Your primary guide is the one that has been with you before you were born and will be with you when you transition. Some of the other types of guides, especially those special project types, may only stay around for as long as they are needed and then they will leave your energetic frequency.

Because primary guides have this lifelong connection with you, they are normally the easiest to connect with. Their energy signature generally is stronger than your other guides and they may “speak up” first when meeting and interacting with your guides. These primary guides also tend to orchestrate the introduction of your other guides and you may find once you have this connection with your primary guide, they may bring in your other guides to introduce to you.

If you are interested in mediumship, having a good relationship with your primary guide will also be very helpful as they are the ones that normally make that first connection and help facilitate contact with those across the veil. 

Have a Conversation 

And my final tip for communicating with your guides…just talk to them. Part of working with your guides, or really anyone in general, is to form a connection with them and how can you do this if you don’t just talk. And when I mean talk, I mean, have a conversation about anything and everything.

In general, I have found guides have a pretty good sense of humor, so sometimes I like to point out something I find funny and tell my guide about it. In return, my guide has alerted me to other hilarious occurrences. We now have a great relationship with our own set of inside jokes. 

You can do this too. Just start chatting like they are your best friend and go from there. 

And…just so you realize…when I say “talk to your guide” I am saying you can do this in your mind not necessarily out loud. Talking to your guide out loud in public may not be the best idea. Your guides communicate telepathically, so responding in kind works just as well. 

There you go!! There are some tips for communicating with your guide. I hope you use these tips to establish a wonderful and successful relationship with your spirit guides!

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