Ready to jump into the new year…here we go…

Asking what the energy of January 2021 will bring us, the guides keep showing me an image of a purple jewel. It is sparkling and seeming to float in the air. The image keeps “wiping” itself as the jewel just keeps sparkling. 

I do not know what this image means and keep asking for clarification. “There is a moment of connection and clarity which comes through strife. There is an opportunity, an instant, for a connection and greater understanding of the beauty and nature of the divine. Do not look unto hardship as a roadblock, but instead see the bounty which comes from within when obstacles to your path are put in your way.

The guides are saying that January will give us that opportunity to see beauty in the face of hardship, to see past the roadblocks and look within to the true nature of reality – that of love.

The next image they send is of a sewing needle going through two pieces of fabric. An elderly lady, with deep wrinkles and a handkerchief over her grey hair, sits by a lamp. She rocks subtly in her rocking chair as she stitches two pieces of fabric together, one of yellow, the other a light blue. While doing this she hums a quiet song. 

This month is one of bringing two sides, to items together. It is a month to reconnect and reform what has been torn and tarnished. The way to do this, to find that connection again, is through the wise elders in our civilization. Those that have been waiting on the sidelines, that know the way of the past can help us to see how to heal the future.

The next image the guides send through is that of a woman with a tear in her eye verging on falling. The woman has dark black hair and tries to hold the tear in, but it spills over and silently falls down her cheek, leaving the path visible for all to see.

There is a sadness that permeates this month. This is a deep sadness that, although tries to be hidden and held back, is apparent for everyone who is watching. There is a release in this sadness, a necessary relinquishment that provides an element of common grief.

Channeled Message for January:

Be patient my dear children. Be still. The winds of change are blowing and now is the time to hang on and be ready. Don’t be afraid of the dark because it is in that darkness where the light can be seen. There will be a time of reckoning and reconsidering the ways of the past, but we are not there yet. We must go through the valley to get to the mountain on the other side. We must be patient. We must find our strength in the silence of our hearts and not the ways of the mind. Find strength in your purpose. Find strength in your heart. Find strength in love.

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