~Bibliomancy is the art of divination through the pages of a book~

With, words on a page, readers divine answers to questions or take a peek into the future. This simple book is designed to use as you choose – flipping to a random page to find answers or just readings for pleasure. The words featured are taken from dreams submitted by individuals from around the world over a series of years. They feature the bizarre and the mundane, just as we experience in our nightly adventures. These words on a page work as a tool for bibliomancy – for finding answers to your questions.

A new year, a new book…well, sort of. This is not really a traditional book that I am bringing you in this new year. Instead, it is more akin to a tool to help you unlock and connect with your own natural intuition. 

That’s right, a book specifically designed for the practice of bibliomancy. On each page of this book are words – some poems, some sentences, some…words on a page – all taken from dreams from individuals around the world. 

Dreams provide us with images that are mundane or bizarre – the prefect material for your bibliomancy practice. 

And what that practice looks like, that is up to you. How you decide to use this book is entirely your decision. I provide a quick two page reference on some ideas and possible uses of the book a the beginning, but, in the end, this book is designed for you to choose how you use it. 

It is a tool to help you unlock your psychic abilities and intuition – you know how I’m always trying to get you guys to trust your own intuition, well here is a tool to help you with it!

And guess what…even I have been using this book. I got a preview copy a few weeks ago that I’ve left on my desk and every morning I open to a different page to get a message for the day. I even added it to my personal yearly forecast, gaining a message for myself for the year ahead. Basically, this book has been a great tool to add to my personal practice. 

If you are interested – check out words on a page: A Bibliomancy Tool

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