Once you realize that you are psychic because (spoiler alert) you are, sometimes it is helpful to use a tool to help you focus your energies and discern what information is actually your psychic abilities and what is just your imagination.

Choosing which tool you want to use and focus on can be a fun adventure just in itself. There are a variety of different types of tools out there for you to try. I recommend using or trying out a few different tools and see what works best with your own natural abilities.

I’ve randomly divided these tools into three categories for the sake of creating a list…because the internet loves lists. So, here is my 3 part list of tools!

1: Traditional Tools

The first type of tool we are going to talk about are the “traditional tools” of the psychic trade. These are your crystal balls, tarot cards, palmistry and astrology. These are the tools that you associate with psychics and which have been around and used for centuries. 

Some of these more traditional type of tools are easier to use than others. For example, tarot cards may take you longer to learn (but super easy to do so with The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need) but are also helpful for those who do not have much confidence in their own natural abilities. Tarot cards give you an image, a starting point to work off of and expand from.

In contrast, a crystal ball gives you almost nothing to work with. Staring into a crystal ball takes a bit more practice and trust in your own natural abilities. You do not get an clear image of a Queen staring back at you from a crystal ball like you will from tarot cards. But, it also doesn’t take much “book learning” to use a crystal ball. Basically, you just…do it.

Then you have other traditional avenues such as astrology and palmistry. These tools may not seem very “psychic” but they can be used to tap into those psychic abilities. Another factor with both these tools is that they take time to learn. Astrology has been around for centuries and the subject is rife with information and offshoots, from the different types of astrology to the variety of ways to calculate houses and charts. Studying astrology is truly a lifetime task.

There are other traditional tools that aren’t as popular, such as runes and pendulums as well. Looking into these traditional tools are a great way to decide which may be a good choice for you to try out.

2: Non-Traditional Tools

There is also the category of what I am calling the “non-traditional” tools. These are tools that aren’t necessarily designed for psychic endeavors, but can be utilized to enhance your psychic abilities.

My favorite in this category is bibliomancy, or the art of divination though books. You may have noticed my own book which is designed to be just this sort of tool. I like the feeling of picking up a book, especially words on a page, flipping to a random page, reading the words, and divining what they mean. 

Another tool that is not designed for divination or to use with your psychic abilities but can be utilized in this function is crystals. Some people like to create a small bag of different crystals to help with their psychic abilities. They then can ask a question, pull out a stone, and use their abilities to divine what that stone means.

3: Create your own

Finally, there is a third category of tools which isn’t really a category but an opportunity. You may find yourself drawn to your own tools to use in your own unique psychic development process. This can be as simple as pen and a piece of paper like the medium Tyler Henry uses to focus his psychic and mediumship abilities by scribbling. 

Recently, I was reminded of this category as I read the 5th book in the Bay Island Psychic Mystery Series. In this fictional series the psychic uses colored pencils to help her focus her psychic abilities. She uses her psychic abilities to choose colors out of a basket of pencils and then as she draws on a piece of paper tells the client what those colors tell them about their energy or the questions they asked. An interesting technique. 

Whatever you choose, the most important part is that you enjoy the process. If staring into a crystal ball frustrates you, try something else. If you get bored reading book after book on astrology, find something that interests you. Trust that psychic ability of yours and let it lead you to where you are meant to go!

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