Well…it has been an interesting week here in the US…so…how about some recommendations of different youtube channels to watch and distract yourself from what is happening in the physical world. Personally, I will take comfort in the guides message in the January 2021 forecast.

A caveat before we begin. I do not watch any of these channels religiously, meaning I am a very sporadic youtube watcher. These are just some channels that I tend to click on and watch whenever I see one of their videos recommended. 

I also feel that I must caution everyone to use their practical reason (and intuitive senses) to discern the information they receive from any source, but especially those on social media. There are many “personalities” that have large platforms but whose information may not be on the same loving wavelength as others. 

With that, here we go!


Let’s start with Bracha Goldsmith. Bracha is an astrologer who also channels a group of Pleiadian beings. She is a deep reservoir of astrological knowledge, as well as stepping into the role as a consistent and high energy channeler. 

I actually have been following Bracha before she started channeling the Pleiadians and it has been nice to see her add this aspect into her work, and also get more and more confident in the process. Her messages, especially those from the Pleiadians, always end up putting a smile on my face. Just a great person and energy to listen to and watch. 

Here is the Pleiadian Message for the New Moon in Capricorn to give you a taste of what her channel is like.

Chris Brennan/The Astrology Podcast

Chris Brennan is another astrologer, and one that I have also been following since…I believe the beginning of his career. I remember when he was getting ready to publish his first book back in 2017 (Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune amazon affiliate link there), and since then he has continued to put his stamp on the field of astrology, especially bringing both hellenistic astrology and a younger generation into the field.

Chris runs a podcast distinctly called The Astrology Podcast, but this is one of those podcasts that is almost better to watch on their youtube channel since then you can see the graphics and facial expressions of Chris and his fellow co-hosts.

If you have an extra…three and a half hours available…I recommend listening to their 2021 Year Ahead forecast they posted (if you don’t have that kind of time, you can always listen to this on their podcast at 1.5x speed while doing chores…which is what I did).

Lee Harris

Lee Harris is a channeler who, like Chris Brenna, also has a podcast. His youtube channel posts these podcasts which allows you to see the facial expressions which is always a nice addition. Lee basically posts two type of videos, ones which are interviews of some very prominent and not some prominent figures in the metaphysical and spiritual fields and then monthly energy updates. 

If you go through his archives you can find some really great interviews of different individuals who follow a variety of paths. This is actually how I first found Lee, from his interview of one of these individuals. Later, I was delighted to watch one of his monthly energy forecasts where I found very similar messages to the ones I receive.

Here is the interview he did with my next individual, Paul Selig.

Paul Selig

I think I have written about Paul Selig previously here, but he is probably one of my favorite modern day channels right now. He channels in a very unusual way where he will first whisper the words from his guides and then speak them out loud. It can through you off at first, but watching his youtube videos (or reading his books) can make it easy to follow along.

Paul’s youtube channel is usually just clips from his recorded talks/workshops or sections from his books, but they provide a great insight into information of a higher level of being and way of living.

I loved his most recent video as I feel it speaks intensely to the difference between living in fear and making prudent decisions to protect yourself and others, a good reminder for many of us these days.

Meditative Mind

We will end this journey with a pretty simple but powerful YouTube channel. Meditative Mind posts videos with different audio frequencies and visual effects. Basically, these are just great videos to have on in the background while you do other things. I sometimes listen to these when I am doing readings if I need some background noise or to mute out any outside distractions.

There are endless choices and frequencies to choose from here. Here is a fun one at 444Hz called Floating in Space.


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