You did not come to this planet for peace. What makes you think you did? There is no learning and growth when there is stability. You came for time of change and transition. A time of potential understanding and enlightenment.

When we are faced with a great many challenges in our physical reality this provides us with the opportunity to let our souls strengthen and move in ways we had not realized in our human minds were possible.

The caterpillar does not become the butterfly by being complacent. There must be the greatest amount of strife inside of the house he has created for such a wonderful creature to emerge. 

Why is it that you think you should live a life without heartache? Is that really what you want? A life full of eternal peace does not lead to growth but stagnation. 

Instead, allow yourself to feel the energies of the present time. Feel the chaos and confusion around you.

Let yourself use those energies to grow and emerge as the butterfly that you are.” 

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