There is a trend I have started seeing more and more over the last few years through both readings and messages from the guides. This is a message to “be” instead of “do”. Specifically, I have heard guides using the idea of some individuals choosing to incarnate on earth during this time to be a sort of a “watcher” over the planet and the human race.

Doing a quick google search tells me that there are some religious connotations to the idea of “watchers” and I am not purporting that is what they are talking about by using this word. Instead, this is just the best word that is available in our current vocabulary to use as a descriptor for what these people are here to accomplish.

What has been said is that there are people on this planet who chose to come here at this time to be watchers – to observe the chaos and confusion, the energetic turmoil, and hold a steady vibration. To just be in a higher vibrational state while witnessing the events and energies that go on around them. This, in turn, assists in lifting others caught in the chaos and melee to bring them out of that vibration and to a more neutral ground. 

In essence, these individuals incarnated here to just “be” in a higher vibrational state and not necessarily to “do” anything.

This “mission” can be difficult for some people since our cultural, even the “spiritual” industry, is designed with the idea that you need to be manifesting or creating constantly. But this is just not the case for some individuals. 

For these people, for these watchers, it would further their purpose here on earth to work on maintaining their vibrational frequency while living their mundane lives rather that trying to create a spiritual empire…meaning, not everyone needs to have a job or career in a spiritual field to be spiritual. 

I say this because I routinely see individuals feeling like the need to accomplish something, have a physical and tangible product or result in order to see themselves as spiritual beings. But this is just not the case. Instead, these watchers tend to be highly spiritual and advanced individuals even if they do not venture into any specific metaphysical job or career. 

What it boils down to is that these individuals are here to keep their vibrations high, and in turn help the vibrations of a transitioning planet and people. They have nothing to “do”. There is no project that they need to complete or product they need to sell. This may leave them feeling spiritually lazy or like they are missing out on their purpose on life, but this is just not so. Instead, their purpose here is just to “be” – to watch the world unfold around you and be.

The high and mighty do not come on angels wings but in whispers in the silence. Bring forth your truth and live a life full of peace and stillness.”

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