I did not realize that we are already at the end of the first month of this new year…wow…

So, you know what that means, let’s take a peek at what type of energies we can expect for February!

The guides are sending across the image of a train going up and down over some small rolling hills. This coming month we may see some minor and smaller obstacles in our path, but these are more like bumps in the road. Don’t over focus or create larger obstacles than what these are. These are just minor inconveniences that we can smoothly get over if we don’t try to exaggerate their impact on our lives. Just keep chugging forward!

The next image they send is of a lighthouse surrounded by fog. This is a reminder of what a lighthouse was meant to do, to signal to ships and sailors where land is so that when the weather is bad or it is dark, when there is fog in the air, they can avoid any pointy rocks in their way.

This coming month pay attention to your “signals” and let yourself be aware when you see a light in the distance. That signal is your message that something may be in front of you even if you cannot see it. Even when you do not know where you or going and things seem a little muddled know that if you focus on that one thing – that light up ahead – you can avoid any obstacles in your way.

With that said, this is also a reminder that Mercury is in retrograde for the better part of February. This isn’t a great month to plan any excursions or major purchases if you do not need to. 

The guides next send an image of a jungle type scene. This is the idea that the world around you may feel a little strange or different this month. You may have to get used to a different environment, one with people and places that are not your usual. But this does not mean that this environment is “bad” – it is just different. Try to keep an open mind to these new and different experiences that come your way this month, you may be surprised at the fun and excitement that you can have if you release your expectations about the journey.

Now let’s hear directly from the guides: 

Sit back and let yourself relax into the flow of the universe this month. Unexpected things may appear. Watch your reaction and scale back those outbursts. It is nothing to rock your boat over. Instead allow yourself to be swayed by these universal flows and you will find that the path before you is filled with gems and jewels.” 

It seems like the themes for February center around your reactions to the experiences that go on around you which may be a little different this coming month. Instead of seeing these “obstacles” or different scenes as something “negative” or “bad” allow them to manifest before you and just watch them flow by. They will only become burdensome if you make them so, otherwise just let them float past. 

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