It’s Friday so that means you get a haphazard recommendation of something I’ve been watching, reading, or consuming lately! Yeah!!

So, today’s recommendation is a show that I watched awhile ago and then totally forgot about, but it is back for a second season which has renewed my interest in it – Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

The premise of the show is that a woman suddenly starts hearing “heart songs” of different individuals she encounters. These “heart songs” are songs that represent what is going on in the individual’s heart and the strong emotions they are having. Pretty cool, right!

Overall, this is just a great show in terms of production quality and acting. You’ve got great actors who sing a variety of different genres – which means you get to learn about new songs you haven’t heard before and re-experience old songs in a new and interesting way. You also get some really great dance numbers. I am no expert in dance, but it seems like the choreography in this show is pretty amazing. Oh, and the plot is pretty decent as well.

And then, you have the psychic perspective on this show…

What this show ends up doing, although it in no way says this, is recreating the act of clairaudience in a visually interesting and exaggerated manner. What the main character, Zoey, hears throughout these episodes are songs that no one else around her hear. This is an amplified and orchestrated example of what clairaudience actually is – and I am all here for it!

If you are clairaudient in any capacity, or really, if you are just a normal human being who does not realize they are clairaudient, you have likely had random songs seemingly pop into your head or play on the radio at just the right moment in your life. It may be July and suddenly a Christmas song starts playing in your mind. You may have no idea why that random song popped into your mind but the lyrics fit perfectly the emotions or situation that is in front of you and give you the answers you are looking for…Guess what…that is clairaudience right there!

Now can you tell why I like this show?? It is basically about a psychic, even if they do call it that. Who needs the label anyway. This is a show which displays clairaudience in an entertaining way – perfect for this psychic!

And also perfect, you can watch this show on – it is one of those where you only need the premium subscription to watch the newest episodes, but if you are patient you can wait until they become free and watch them without a paid subscription. Perfect!

Then, if you want to learn how to focus and tune into your own ability to listen to “heart songs” you can check out my book Psychic Development, for some really great exercises and information designed to convince you that you are already psychic and then allow you to increase that ability!

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