Finding your flow does not mean you jump the line in front of others. This means that you sink into your own natural rhythm of your human experience. Not all rhythms produce the same outcomes and not all flows lead to the same source. 

Embrace your own unique path and do not let the outside voices dissuade you from what you are meant to be doing or where you are meant to be going. There is not one way to any pineapple and there is not one tree that bears the fruit. 

Focus on your intention to bring about the change you want to see and that change will take its mouse steps forward. Focus on the division you want to see and that division will takes its mouse steps back. 

Embrace the opportunity for what is to come. Throw away the oars so that you can flow down the river at your own pace and in your own timing. If you get caught up on a log or snagged by a branch embrace that opportunity to experience the hardship in your path but do not damn that hardship. Welcome it as an opportunity to experience an aspect of your existence. You may have to wait to continue flowing down your path while watching others travel by, but you get to make a friend in the branch and have a shared experience of interactions with the hardship which will make you stronger and will allow you not to fear the other difficulties which may traverse your path ahead.

~ May you have a blessed week and realize that you are love ~

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