I always enjoy getting to peek into the lives of other individuals when they do “day in the life” installments, so I thought I would let you all in to a view of how I start my day. As a psychic, I have both a routine that includes mundane elements and one that has more of a mystical quality to it. Weaving the two together, my “normal” life and my psychic life, has helped me find a way to balance living in this physical world.

I’ve also included links to my books where I provide greater detail on how you can learn to do this same techniques from interpreting your own dream, to checking your chakras and aura, to predicting the energy of your day ahead, and finally divining your future using a book. AKA you have some blatant product placement here, but really they are resources to assist you on your own spiritual and energetic journey.

With that, let’s go take a peek!

4:30-5:30am – Wake up!

I usually wake up fairly early and I haven’t used an alarm clock in over a decade. I am naturally a morning person and draw on the energies and quiet of the early morning best, so I like to utilize this time to get the majority of my work or any projects done.

After I wake up, the very first thing I do is turn on the coffee pot. I am a major fan of coffee and the calm that it gives in the early morning. While walking to the coffee pot and flipping that “on” switch, I think over the dreams I had that night and mentally interpret them. Since I have been interpreting dreams for years now this process tends to just take a few mental seconds and I’ll know if there are any big issues that I have been avoiding or need to work on.

Simulated picture of me meditating…actually I was meditating in this picture only it was a Sunday while watching church services online and not early morning when it is dark and pictures don’t come out well…

Then it is time to check email and see if any reading requests came in overnight. I prefer to do reading requests right away instead of saving them for too long. Sometimes I may get a pushy spirit guide who wants the reading done so they will interfere with my day to day life, talking to me when I am washing dishes or scrolling through twitter, so to stave off any pushy guides, I will do reading as soon as the time and environment are proper for them – and early morning is always great!

If I do not have any reading requests, I usually spend this time writing blog posts or channeling my own guides to see if they have anything they would like to say. I’ve started keeping a sort of journal on my computer, but instead of writing entries myself, I just write what my guides channel to me. This has become a nice and relaxing routine for us. 

I tend to get “into” the moment with these activities, whether I am doing a reading for a client, writing a blog post or channeling for myself, so these activities usually take up the bulk of my early morning hours.

7am – House wakes up!

At 7am my daughter’s clock turns “yellow” which means that she is allowed to get out of her room and get on with the day. I am beyond lucky to have a daughter that is a wonderful sleeper and we established a routine early on where she knows that if she wakes up early she can get ready for the day or play in her room, but that official wakeup time is 7am. This also is about when my husband wakes up, so it is the end of my quiet early morning hours!

After helping my daughter with her morning routine, we go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast as that is always the first thing on her mind. I have found that, depending on what I do in the morning, sometimes I am not hungry for breakfast and sometimes I am overly so – readings tend to drain energy while channeling supports energy. So I am hit or miss on whether I eat breakfast at this time in the morning or wait for a little later in the day. If I have done a reading that morning I like to have more “grounding” type foods, so I will usually have a handful of nuts and some fruit. We don’t usually have any “fun” or sugary type foods in our house so I don’t have to avoid those when making my choice. 

7:30am – Shower rituals

I usually take my shower after breakfast and get started with my day. This part of my routine is pretty regimented and contains a good deal of energy work which sets the foundation for my energy body for the day. If I don’t get a morning shower, I feel thrown off and out of sorts for the day, so this is usually not something I skip.

My routine is pretty simple. While I shampoo my hair I clean my energy body of any debris that has accumulated on it through visualization techniques. Then, when I condition my hair I set up my psychic protection barrier and protect my energy body for the day. Then I do my prayers/set my intentions for the day, asking my guides for assistance on whatever I choose. After this and right before I get out of the shower, I ask my guides what my energy will look like for the day ahead, usually getting a symbol and/or words to describe what my day will be like.

After I get out of the shower, I head to the closet where I pick my clothes. This is the reason I ask my guides for what my energy will be because it determines what I wear for the day. I am a big “t-shirt and jeans” type of person, so I will grab my favorite jeans and then pick out a t-shirt based on my energy. I have four “categories” of t-shirts I tend to choose from – black witch shirts which are my psychic protection outfits, shirts with the word love on them which have a high vibration, shirts from bands which have a calming vibration, or my plain “normal” people shirt to blend in with the crowd (these haven’t been getting much wear this past year since I haven’t been anywhere with crowds).

The color of the shirt I choose also makes a difference. The majority of my shirts are either black, blue, green or grey. These are the vibrations that feel most comfortable to me and work well with my aura, but I will occasionally wear other colors or add a color in with a cardigan for a boost of that vibrational energy. Lately, I have been grabbing an old green oversized Nirvana shirt as its vibrations are both comfortable and the color offers a healing quality to it. The energy of this world needs a lot of healing right now.

Messy bathroom pic here – but you can see my super cool Nirvana shirt and my bowl of crystals!

After getting dress I finish getting ready…which for me just means brushing my hair and cleaning off the glasses I now wear instead of contacts (anyone else make this change now that they are in the house most of the time??). I don’t do any fancy influencer hairstyle or makeup routine – people who raise their vibrations will tell you that your skin becomes more sensitive and you can “feel” these sorts of products on you. The most I put on my skin is some lotion without any added scents.

Once I am somewhat presentable…at least to my family…it is time to pick out which stones will go in my pockets, if any, for the day. I have a nice bowl of a crystals on my bathroom counter to choose from. These are crystals that I have both bought and found over the years and each has their own vibration and purpose. 

I usually intuitively pick if I want to put any in my pocket and then just trust that I have picked the right ones. In general, I tend to choose sodalite if I have to talk to people (which I haven’t done lately), black turmaline if I have to go to a doctors appointment or somewhere with lots of people, rose quartz if I want to spread love, prehnite if I have some healing work to do, or shattuckite if I have psychic work.

8am – Energy work

After I have finished getting ready physically for the morning, I head to my study to finish off my energetic routine. Here is where I take out my planner and write out what my guides tell me my energy will be like for the day. This way I can always go back after the fact and check to see what actually happened and how that relates to the image or message they sent.

Then I will open up my bibliomancy book to a page and see what message they send this way. Usually this message corresponds in some way to my energy for the day and I will write the number of the page down on my planner to refer back to as well.

I still use the “proof” copy of my bibliomancy book, we’ve established a relationship and I’m not ready to trade it in for a final version copy

Depending on if I feel like it, I may or may not pull tarot cards for the day. I used to do a “energy-advice-outcome” spread everyday but now I let my intuition guide me as to if I want to do one for that day or not. Lately, I have been using my Spacious Tarot deck to pull cards. I tend to stick with one deck for months or years before switching.

After writing everything down, I shift in my seat over to my “love bowl”. Here I channel and send love vibration to all those who have sent in their names, establishing a connection and charging the crystals in the bowl to continue providing the vibration even when I am not there. This also fills me with the same vibration (when you help others you help yourself) and sets my energy for the day.

And there it is – my super long morning routine! Do you have any activities that you do every morning to get your energy body and vibrations ready for the day ahead??

*** Amazon Affiliate links included in this post. This just means that if you purchase an item after clicking on a link I may receive compensation with no extra cost to you ***

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