Part of the reason I wrote Psychic Development: A Practical Guide to Developing your Psychic Abilities is because I did not have individuals in my life to practice my techniques on during the times and places where I wanted to. Especially in today’s environment, it can be extremely difficult (and potentially unsafe) to meet up with other people and practice strengthening your psychic abilities. Thus I created exercises and techniques which can be done on your own and still result in some pretty stellar psychic skills.

With that in mind, one of the first activities many individuals want to master is the idea of seeing the aura with the physical eye. This is a practice which I have described in my other book Chakras and Auras: A Practical Guide to Your Energetic Body. There is just something affirming about seeing an aura with your physical eyes which confirms this metaphysical and psychic world is actually real for many people.

Seeing the aura with your eyes, however, takes some training and strengthening of the actual eye muscles. Basically, you actually have to practice this technique on the regular to get your eyes accustomed to seeing the aura. Which means, you need subjects or even ways of seeing your own aura to practice on.

And what is left out of a lot of books and resources is the fact that when you practice seeing auras, you tend to stare…a lot. You don’t want to be the creepy person just staring at the individual talking to you – so you need some places that are more socially acceptable to practice this skill so you don’t look so creepy checking out your co-workers aura during a zoom meeting.

So, let’s list out some places that you can practice training those eye muscles to see auras!

Shower or Bath

Probably my favorite place to practice seeing my own aura is in the shower. Most showers give you a plain white background to put your hand or foot against allowing you the perfect space to see your own aura. Another benefit of using a nice warm bath or shower is that you will tend to be more relaxed and less rushed. Being able to slow down and allow yourself to let go really helps get into the proper state to see the aura. 

White or Black Paper

Another trick I like to use is just putting your hand in front of a blank piece of paper. This way you can spend your time “zoning out” at your desk and work on seeing your aura at the same time. If you need to look busy, just grab a pen and pretend you are thinking of what to write next if anyone sees you.


Many books recommend using a mirror to begin looking at your own aura. This technique is really only helpful if you have a clear scene behind you and your room dimensions are good. A big bathroom with lots of items behind you isn’t going to be great for practicing seeing your aura. But if you are lucky to have a smaller bathroom or bedroom with a mirror and a blank white wall, try working on seeing your aura while brushing your teeth or hair – some of the best times to zone out. 


If you get tired of looking at your own aura, I highly recommend checking out the aura surrounding your local vegetation. Tall trees give you a good background of a sky to practice on – whether clear blue or cloudy and white, trees make a good practice subject. And don’t forget your own houseplants if you don’t have tall trees around you. These guys tend not to mind if you take a peek at their aura!


So, when I started practicing looking at auras I found that the church I went to made the absolute perfect place. At the time I went to a Unity Church which was smaller and had the perfect white background – and most preachers just expect their congregation to look at them so you can stare away! But this might not be an option right now with most churches doing virtual services, but it is something to keep in mind.


Another place you may not be going to, but to keep in mind for the potential future are airplanes. Airplanes work pretty well for practicing your aura seeing skills because you can just look at all the tall people whose heads pop up over the seats. Let your mind wonder and help pass that time on the plane. 


Seeing auras on the tv isn’t as easy as seeing them in person, but it is possible. For this technique it helps to be watching a singular person against a plain black or white background, but it can be done. If you are on a boring zoom meeting and can turn off your camera so people don’t see you staring, this may be the perfect place to practice seeing auras!

Where do you like to practice seeing auras? Have you ever gotten called out for staring at people while practicing your super cool aura seeing techniques??

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