Find the truth within you and then work from there.

So often in your human experience you are looking for validation and understanding from those who walk among you. But this is not the heart of your journey. The heart of your journey is to discover what lays inside your own heart. 

Step inside yourself and live with untamed glee. Step into your ‘heart of the matter’ and find out what it is saying and why it is there.

There is no need for outside validation of who you are when you are living an unfettered life of glee. You are too busy to care what others are judging and thinking of you. You raise to a level of vibration where you do not attract those thoughts because they are not in the purview of the imagination at that stance.

The wise words of wisdom come from within. The wise words of wisdom sing to the heart. The wise words of wisdom are the way.

~ Thank you guides for coming forward with this message. Many blessings to you and all who read these words ~

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