Now that I have started homeschooling my daughter, I have found myself devoting more and more time to figuring out ways to teach her about the world of the unseen, about the energy we are surrounded by and how to interpret and feel this energy…kind of like I do with my usual blog posts, only attempting to explain these things in even simpler terms and make them fun and entertaining in the process! 

How does one go about explaining these complex concepts to children who just want to run off and play sometimes and don’t generally want to sit and meditate for even five minutes?

I have found a lot of resources for “starseed” or “indigo” children, but what about…just kids…kids who are growing up in these human bodies? It is helpful for all people to know how energy works in this physical environment, not just those we label as sensitive or special.

With this new series – Raising Spiritual Children – I plan to take you on my journey through experimenting with different tools and techniques to teach my daughter about the metaphysical world we are all living in. This is a trial and error series to find what sticks and what is forgotten, which tools children may be drawn to and which get discarded along the way. 

Looking at this journey, I hope you will too become inspired to not only teach the younger generation in your lives about the metaphysical world, but maybe also try out a few of these tools and techniques along the way as well.

So, if this is something you are interested in – sit back and enjoy!

***If you want to learn the basics of metaphysics yourself, check out the books in my Friend to Friend series for an easy to understand explanation of different metaphysical topics – Chakras and Auras, Dream Interpretation, Psychic Development***

***Amazon Affiliate links – I may receive compensation from purchasing from links but the price doesn’t change for you***

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