The morning of your life is coming, not with a bang but with a whimper. The excitement you seek in your life you find in the pages of a novel or on the screen in front of you. This ‘real life’ you live is not ‘real’ at all but found on a ‘reel’ played out in front of you. The movies you watch and the tv you see, they are just as ‘real’ as the projections you create in front of you each and every day.

Why do you choose to create such violence and war when you expose yourself to these images? Why do you choose to spend hours every day, every week, flipping through pages of a book which lead your body to fear? 

You are human. That is the answer. You are designed to recognize and learn from fear. So why not learn from the pages of a book or the screen in front of you? It is mighty easier to experience life while sitting and staring rather than out in the world and living.

Now do not misconstrue our message here. There is nothing wrong or ‘bad’ about the violence that is taking place in front of you. We just are here to help you see the reason it exists and the purpose it is playing out in your life – because it does have a purpose. 

The purpose is to help you expand. The purpose is to help you grow. How wonderful that you can experience multiple ‘real’ life lessons where you do not have to die in the process. Where you can save this human suit you wear and use it the next day instead of needing to recycle it for a new issue.

Yes, you may watch violence on tv. Yes, you learn from this violence just as you learn from violence or aggravation in your physical existence. Do not discount the activities you engage in throughout the day. See them for what they are and use them to your soul’s benefit.

In much peace we leave you. Amen.”

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