One of my favorite pastimes is to look at people’s (and pets and trees) auras…yeah…I’m a little…unusual…

But, one thing I have noticed from all the auras I look at, is that individuals who have certain dominant colors in their aura usually have particular spiritual or metaphysical skills or specialities.

Yep – those famous mediums on tv have similar dominant aura colors and that psychic who lives down the street is a different shade. 

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Now, to be fair, typically those involved in these spiritual and metaphysical professions have a variety of these colors, blending their auras in to their own unique frequency. You likely aren’t going to find a famous or prominent psychic with just one of these colors. But, looking at which color is dominant in their field can give you an idea of what skill is their strength. 

So, in case you are looking at auras and want to decode the dominant characteristics – here is a little cheat sheet:

Purple – Mediumship

Indigo – Psychic

Blue – Channeler

Green – Healer 

Easy peasy right!

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Purple – Medium 

Let’s break these colors down a little more and let you in on whose auras have these dominant colors.

In the auras of true mediums that I have seen, purple is usually far and away their most dominant color. The actual color and consistency of this purple will very, from a deep velvety royal purple color to a light and airy spring purple. The consistency depends on their personal frequency and how they communicate, leaving each specific medium with their own unique vibratory field. 

Another common feature of those who are prominent mediums is that they tend to also have a high level of gold energy throughout their field as well. This gold energy will usually surround their field and almost look like an outer egg-shaped layer. When I see purple and a ring of gold throughout someone’s field, I am pretty confident that the individual is actively communicating with individuals on another field – aka they are speaking with the deceased. 

If you want to see a beautiful purple and gold aura, check out the famous mediums James Van Praagh.

Indigo – Psychic

Indigo is a fun color to watch grow and evolve in people’s auras. There is a unique feature to this color’s original presentation in auras that I have not seen with any other colors. When this color is first presenting itself in an aura it tends to start over the third eye. Usually, colors come into an aura starting from the feet up or head down and growing from there. But, with indigo, I will see it start as a splotch of color in the third eye area, between the eyebrows and up an inch or two, and grow and expand from there the more the color is accepted into the vibratory frequency of the individual.

The indigo colors vary just as the purple does, but I do not see quite the same shades. Here the indigo tends to be darker in color with less “holes” or “airy” quality present. There is something more dense and concrete about the energy of indigo that is not found in some of the other colors.

And, like with the purple and mediumship, indigo has a side color as well. When an individual is a very strong intuitive or psychic, I will likely see a layer of silver throughout their auric field in addition to the indigo. I have come to read this silver energy as a connection to their spiritual team on the other side. Whereas gold is a connection to individuals they may have known (or even healers to assist), silver tends to be a frequency of spirit guides and advanced entities. 

If you are interested in looking at a gorgeous indigo aura, I recommend viewing the medium John Edward. I know, he is a medium as well, but his aura is predominately that of a psychic. This means, you will see the purple in his aura, but indigo is the dominant color overall. I find it interesting that he coined the term “psychic medium” as this is truly what his aura shows.

Blue – Channeler

Now let’s move into the realm of the blue vibration. Blue is a unique vibration that I do not usually see as much in individuals as I do the other colors. Those who have a dominant blue vibratory field tend to be very highly spiritual. Sometimes it may even be difficult for these people to interact with the daily world as the meaning and purpose behind each task is easier to understand and value.

What does this mean. Basically, individuals with blue in their field usually have a deep and personal connection to the divine and to source energy. They tend to trust themselves as messengers either of personal messages or for messages to others. This blue energy tends to show a predilection for channeling spiritual energy, bringing in entities and guides from the other side and understanding their message.

It is much rarer for me to see this blue energy out and about. The other vibratory colors, purple, indigo, green, are much more common in our populace today (although not overly so), but this blue energy can be seen. I used to say that blue was the energy of the preacher, but today’s preacher isn’t really the same as the preachers of the past, there is more of a businesslike quality to them rather than a true spiritual connection. This blue energy is the energy of the shaman, the hermit and the channeler. 

There are not many “famous” channelers that are prominent today, but you can take a peek at the aura of Paul Selig if you want to see this beautiful blue color.

Green – Healer

I actually see a fair number of green in individual’s aura in my “everyday life”. Green is more common than one would expect. It is the energy of the healer, but not all healers realize their purpose as such. This healer energy does not need to be “activated” but can be channeled and used if the individuals decides to go down that route.

One would expect to see this green healer vibratory frequency in doctors, as one expects doctors to be the healers of our modern world…but…that isn’t always the case. The medical field, just like the churches of today, has become “business-like” instead of healing centered, so this green energy is not always present, although you will find it in some caring doctors or medical professionals. 

Now, I will say, I do not know any “famous” healers, so I can’t offer you any to take a peek in on. But, you will find this color in most mediums and usually it tags in on psychics and channelers as well. This is a pretty predominant secondary aura vibration in many spiritual and metaphysical practitioners as you can expect. Usually there is an aspect of healing involved when people seek out the assistance of mediums, psychics, and channelers. And, if they do not receive the healing from the message they may receive it from the individual’s aura itself.

There you have it! The aura colors that are dominant in Mediums, Psychics, Channelers, and Healers. And, as always, I highly encourage you to work on seeing auras and understanding how they function. My book, Chakras and Auras, has a great exercises to use to learn how to see auras, including what I call the Pendulum method, which will get you understanding auras before your physical eyes are ready.

And if you just are curious about the state of your energetic body, I do offer aura readings and chakras readings!

What colors dominant your auric field??

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