“Trust in yourself. You are the NorthStar you have been looking for. Stop searching for signs and symbols to appear in your path. Instead, find the path that takes you within and follow it through the twists and turns of your life into the heart of the matter. Into the heart of matter. Into the heart of men.

Following this journey is a goal that will take you a lifetime to fulfill. But does that lifetime really need to be rushed or hushed or taken from its perch in the sky? It is a lifetime to seek. A lifetime to learn. A lifetime to experience what was and will be and could be. This is your creative opportunity. Take the knowledge from the heart of the matter and create the world around you as it is meant to be. 

The same building blocks that built the heart but the stars. The same energy and resources that built the stars is within you. It is your job to bring it out again. Build the stars from the sky around you here on earth. Take the heart of the matter and create the hills and the trees and the forests. Show your fellow man that it is not just the stars which shine but it is the lights in our eyes and the grass at our feet.

Blessed be.”

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