March…March…March…what type of energy will you bring us??

March is a waiting month for us. A month where not much happens, where the energy is a bit stagnant and out of place. A month where we want things to happen but there just isn’t much energy there to push it along.

This may seem like a “bad” thing, but it will actually feel a bit like there is some relief. Nothing big or life changing really tends to happen when there isn’t much extra energy in the cosmos swirling around. This is a month to breath and just let what is be and what will happen happen. 

The guides send the image of us on a beach, sitting on a lounge chair with sunglasses, sipping a fruity drink, palm trees over our head. In front of us there is a tv screen where we can see a big wave hitting on shore, but it is not effecting us. We are just sitting there relaxing in our chair, there is no giant wave hitting where we are.

This month you have the choice of whether to watch the emotional crisis that plays out in the media, or to lay back and really pay attention to what is happening around you. Is your life full of crazy turmoil or is that just on tv? This is a month to let yourself relax. Turn off the tv and enjoy what is right around you, because it is likely more beautiful and amazing than what is on the screen.

The guides then send an image of a putt putt golf game. They say “take it easy” there is no reason to go out and make any big swings. Let yourself just enjoy the “kiddy games” and don’t worry about the rest of the course. 

The course will come when it comes. Now is the time to relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t let yourself get tangled up in energy that isn’t for you. Pay attention to what is in front of you and around you, not what is on someone else’s screen.”

Thank you guides for that message. March is a month to bring your focus inward to what is right in front of you. To see the beauty around you, not focus on what is going on outside your physical space and environment. 

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