Let’s talk about oneness…with children. So far in this Raising Spiritual Children series we have talked about some fun ideas, ideas that have physical materials you can use and visually see to teach a child, but how does one teach young children about the energy of oneness and how important it is?

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Now, let’s set some expectations up front. I fully realize that teaching concepts of oneness and interconnectedness of creations is something that takes a lifetime to learn and experience. Most adults do not even understand the basic concepts, but that does not mean it is too early to start teaching children.

My personal plan is to teach a little about oneness over a long period of time, changing the material and the approach as my daughter gets older and older. So far, my main “method” of teaching oneness is by using books.  You guys know how much I love books, so of course I would go this method!

One issue that is common to run into with spiritual literature is how much it aligns to your and your families values and belief system. There can be some great books out there that seem wonderful, but then they tackle a concept from an angle that you do not personally believe or think is relevant. What I am saying here – read the material first before introducing it to your children.

Another point to be made regarding children’s books…sometimes they work well for teaching adults the same concepts. Don’t discount a book designed for young children as only for children. There may be some helpful lessons for you in there as well.

Picture Books

The first books regarding the idea of oneness which we started with are the children’s books by  Neale Donald Walsh. This name may be familiar for some as he wrote the popular series Conversations with God. But he also wrote some picture books that are pretty amazing. 

We have his books The Little Soul and the Sun and The Little Soul and the Earth. These books both have beautiful messages along with stunning illustrations. And…now that I think of it…I feel we should re-read these books as the material is pretty wonderful. 

Books with Lessons

When your children get a little older, old enough to sit through a story without pictures, then it may be time to try out The Children’s Material by Bette Jean Cundiff (you may need to look around for a copy that is in stock, this book is originally from the 70s).

This is a great introduction to a lot of the information found in A Course in Miracles, but written for children in the form of a story involving a little lamb. Each story is divided into short parts. I imagine this book may have been designed to be used in a Sunday school type setting with one lesson per weekly class.

The book also contains a section with a Workbook, just like the traditional ACIM material. And…now looking at Amazon, it seems there is a recent version that has made some changes to it…I have not read this but now I am curious of the additional “Cut and Color Projects” section.

Well, anyway, this book is wonderful for its story and the way it tells about the true essence of the earthly experience and the lessons we learn along the way. One major caveat and giant spoiler alert here – the little lamb dies, so if you have sensitive children, read this material before to make sure it is appropriate for your child.

We have gone through this book once, but I see repeating the stories and workbook sections of this book every year or so to refresh and repeat the ideas and concepts.

Chapter Book

Now we are going to discuss a book I haven’t actually read…maybe I should read it before recommending it, but I likely will in time…so…maybe check out this book I’m going to talk about and see if you are interested in it.

I was directed to the book Sara, Book 1 by Esther and Jerry Hicks a few years ago. I don’t know how I happened upon or ended up owning a copy of this book, but I do. And when something like that happens, I pay attention.  

Those who are familiar with the Hick’s will know that their work is based on the channeling of an entity known as Abraham. It is interesting that this team wrote a children’s book and I am looking forward to reading it to my daughter (or having her read it to me) when she is a tad bit older, as this feels more like a middle-grade or older level book.

So, there you have it! Some recommendations on books I have and have not read.  How do you go about teaching the concepts of Oneness and incarnation to children? Any tips or tricks?

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