Let’s talk about energy today. Energy is highly important in the physical and metaphysical world we live in. Everything vibrates at an energy and this energy is what attracts the world we see around us.

Now, here is an interesting way to think of energy. Let’s picture each specific tone of vibration as a key on the piano. 

A – B – C – D – E – F – G

For an example let’s use something you have laying around your house. How about a favorite book you have read many times? Let’s say this book is a highly creative work of fiction detailing life on other planets. What vibration would that book have?

That book may have B energy representing the creative aspect of it, and a little D energy showing how much you love it, and maybe even a little F energy because of the visual images it evokes in you. Thus, this book would have the energy chord or vibration B-D-F. 

If the book’s vibration where to be played on a piano, those would be the notes you would play at the same time.

You may have noticed that in this description, the different letters also seemed to correspond with chakras, with the A note being the root chakra all the way up to the G note being the crown chakra. This is because the chakra system is another way to view energy – what are chakras but pools of energy. You could do this same thing with the light spectrum and colors. Any vibrational system. We are talking about vibration here after all.


Okay, now let’s take this to another level. Not everything that vibrations at this B-D-F vibration is going to be or feel the same. Perhaps this book you love has been turned into a movie. The book may feel somewhat similar to the movie you watch, but the movie may just not produce the same vibrations, even if it produces that same B-D-F chord. 

This is where we talk about octaves. Not only do we have chords in play here, but we also have the different octaves available to us. So that book, when you play its chord on the piano, you may play the B-D-F on the right side with the higher pitch and at a higher octave; while the movie may play the same chords at a lower octave. They are each playing the same chord, just different frequencies and octaves of that chord.

Are you understanding this?

We all vibrate at different frequencies. These frequencies are made up of different notes forming a chord played in different octaves. Whew, that is a lot!

Notes at Different Octaves Create Frequency

Now, let’s use the different colors of your aura to look at this system in a different way. Let’s say we label the blue color in the aura as the letter E. Some people may vibrate at a level E in a higher octave and others may be vibrating at E but at a lower octave. Blue corresponds to spiritual energy. An individual with blue may vibrate at this level because they are a devout church goer or they may vibrate at this level because they directly communicate with the spirit world. Two different octaves of the same note.

Then, with this aura example, you would also add in the other colors because people don’t usually represent as one color. Perhaps that individual with blue in their aura also has indigo and purple. They would vibrate with E-F-G, each, potentially in their own octave. This combination of notes would create this person’s unique frequency. 

Everyone has a unique energy frequency. Everything has a unique energy frequency. We each have our own chords we play in the symphony of life. 

Does this make energy and frequency easier to understand? Let me know if you have any questions!

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