“There is time and a place for everything. The question is, are you willing to wait for the correct timing and the correct placing of your wants and your desires?

So often in your human existence you become impatient to what is meant to occur that you force what you want to happen in place of the correct energetic alignment.

Here is what we speak of. Sometimes you want what others have. You want the big car and the big house and the big castle on the hill. But, you do not realize that with those big items come big obligations. Later when you have the big house and the big car you realize that there is not the time or the place to do what your heart truly desires. 

Instead of wishing for what you don’t have, waiting for what is to come is the proper attune of abundance.

This is what we speak of now. The time and the pace of creation. The energies must come together and form an alignment. This does not happen overnight. There needs to be a timing and a global positioning for these desires. 

Do not rush what is before you. Instead, settle into the energy which is before you and let it arise at the correct vibrational frequency. This is not the time to force the energies. This is the time to wait with them.

As one waits for a seed to germinate and grow one must wait for their desires to manifest. Do not let the illusions on your present circumstance circumvent the reality which you find yourself. Let the timing take what it must take. Let it grow in due course. Forcing will not result in what you desire but what you despise.” 

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