Spirit guides come through audibly to many individuals, but they do not always realize that this is where or who they are receiving a message from. In many ways, the who and where do not necessarily matter, especially if you receive the message.

But, for those interested in hearing their spirit guides and distinguishing their voice from others, this may be a helpful guide.

What you must first realize, overall, is that the voice of your spirit guide sounds very much like your own inner thoughts. It is rare (though not impossible) to hear your spirit guide outside yourself with your physical ears. This does happen, but usually you will need to be in an altered vibrational state to hear this way.

Instead, spirit guides are easiest to hear as a voice in your mind. You will likely hear your guide just as you hear yourself talking. 

What we will discuss here is how to tell the difference between when it is yourself in your mind, or even your higher-self or spiritual soul, and when it is your spirit guide. There are several ways to discern the difference between who exactly is in your mind talking away.

(But, if you feel there could be a psychiatric reason there are voices in your mind, please see a psychiatrist or mental health professional. We are talking about spiritual, high vibrational energies here, not mental conditions.)

First, you will want to listen and actually pay attention to this voice in your head. Does it give good advice and praise you when you do well or even when you make a mistake? Does it speak to you with love? Your spirit guide is not likely going to tell you that you look fat in your jeans or that you lost your job because you are lazy. Those are not the words of a high vibrational entity.

Once you listen to the words that are said in your mind, next pay attention to any inflection or accent the words or voice may have. Many times, our guides will come through with an accent to distinguish themselves from your own inner voice or as a quality retained from a previous incarnation. If you find yourself suddenly speaking with an accent that is not native to your own, pay attention.

Also listen for the tone of the voice and whether it is different than your own. Does the voice sound soft and light or firm and commanding? Many times, spirit guides will speak in a tone that we need to hear at that given time. If we are the type of person who responds best to a firm and commanding voice, this may be the type of voice they come through with.

Listen to hear if the voice is pitched higher or lower. Does the quality of the sound in your mind feel different than your own? I have heard guides with very high pitch, almost fairy-like voices come through. This makes them easier to distinguish and also gives a hint at their personality. Many guides also come through with a lower range voice, a deep baritone type sound.

Also make sure to pay attention to the word choices made. Does the guide use words that are not native to your tongue? Do they say pram instead of stroller? Does the voice use a word you do not know and latter have to look up? This is one my key pieces that I look for when I channel. Often, there will be words I have to later look up the definition for as they are not in my repertoire to draw from.

In addition to what the voice actually sounds like and the words they say, it is important to pay attention to your other senses as well. Do you feel any emotions when the voice talks? What emotion would you say is associated with that voice you hear versus your own inner voice? Is there a distinction between the two?

Also pay attention to any mental images that come in your mind’s eye when you hear the voice. Are they relevant to the conversation and do they add an additional layer to what is being conveyed? Guides tend to send images to enhance and bring through their messages.

It is also helpful to notice your physical body, any different sensations or physical feelings that may come up for you. Many times, guides present themselves with a physical sensation. This may be a gentle touch on an arm or a tingling sensation or warmth at the bottom of your feet. Pay attention to these feelings and whether they repeat themselves. 

And, most importantly, check in with your heart and ask it if this is your guide talking. You likely inherently know if it is your guide or not, you just need to trust your own feelings.   

There you have it, several ways to distinguish your guide’s voice. Yes, your guide is speaking to you, the question is if you are listening.

~ If you are interested in details about your spirit guide, I provide spirit guide readings for either One guide or Three Guides along with a Messages from your Guides ~

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