On today’s Raising Spiritual Children, let’s talk about sending energy. You all know by now how important energy and vibration are in this whole metaphysical and physical world we live in. Well, sending energy is an important component of it as well.

Sending energy is actually the first step in learning how to be a healer. Energetic healing is, at its essence, energy being sent or transferred. 

So, you can bet that we have already learned about sending energy at our house. Although, this topic has come up a little more organically than any planned metaphysical discussions. Sending energy just kind of evolved throughout our everyday living, which is the best kind of learning!

You may be able to guess the type of energy that has dominated our sending energy discussions…love energy. (just a reminder, I still send love energy daily to everyone who sends in their name)

This whole adventure in sending love energy actually started by looking up a recipe on how to create SpongeBob SquarePants’ Krabby patties. According to one source “chopped love” is an ingredient in this masterpiece. 

We decided to make our own concoction (aka we made veggie burgers) and went ahead and added “chopped love” as well.

I did not overtly teach my daughter how to “send love” here, only modeling holding my hands over the patties. She did this as well and, with the intention of putting love into the burgers, sent some love their way.

Keeping this process simple, without overtly explaining what to do, seemed to work well for us. Children seem to inherently understand energy on a level that adults who like to overthink things may have trouble with.

If you need more information about sending love, focus on the idea of roots growing out of your feet. Pull up energy from earth and bring it to your heart. You can also pull energy down through the crown of your head and gather it in your heart space. Then, send out that collected energy from your heart, out through your hands and towards your desired location. You can also use your breath, breathing in energy from the ground and sky, then out through your hands, if that helps. 

This idea of giving love and sending love has been reiterated and confirmed after we did our Chakra check on her stuffed animal and saw that it contains a lot of love energy. 

And, now that she understands the transfer of energy and the idea of sending love energy to other things, we practice this daily by sending love energy to our growing plants!

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