In case you missed it, I’ve got a new book out. It is a collection of all the Meet the Spirit posts that have been on this site over the past two years.

One thing which becomes pretty clear when reading through the book, or just browsing through the posts, is that spirits use many different names when identifying themselves. There are some simple names such as Peter or Sam, and then there are descriptive names such as The Piano Man and Kris Kringle. But then some names are just difficult to pronounce or understand like Allatoona or Soloree. 

The spirits typically say we can use a certain name to call them or to identify them with, but these names are all over the board. In general, however, they seem to fall into a few categories or types of names.

Former Life

Some guides will use a name that they enjoyed from a previous incarnation they had. Some names just “feel” right to individual entities and they will keep these names with them as identifying factors throughout many different discussions or incarnations. 

Basically, they like the name, they need a name to give you, so why not use one that feels right.


Many times, guides will use a name to identify themselves with that has some symbolic quality. This may be a name which describes how they are working with you in this lifetime or what their strengths and qualities may be. These symbolic type names are great for connecting because they give a clear indication of their work.

Energetic Name

Then, sometimes there are names that have energetic properties that don’t necessarily make sense here on earth. The name may be a sound that is difficult to pronounce or understand in our earthly language and decoding these names or energy signatures can be difficult. This is usually where putting the phonetic spelling down is the best we can do in terms of documenting this type of name.

Doesn’t Matter

When it really comes down to it though, it does not really matter what name you use for your spirit guide. Names are arbitrary. They work well in our earthly environment, but they aren’t really important beyond the veil. Names don’t identify entities across the veil, energy signatures do.

But, in our earthly minds and environment, names are super helpful. A name helps us understand guides and makes it easier for us to form personal connections with them, which are immensely helpful. 

And because these names are so helpful, sometimes, even before you can hear or understand your guide, giving them a name to use will provide the connection you need to then, later on, learn the name of their choosing.

Back before I could really understand my guides and hear their voices clearly, I would use the name Bob to identify my main guide. He did not mind this name and was fine with me using this for our connections. Later on, I learned the name he prefers is not Bob, but that didn’t really and doesn’t really matter.

Names Change

Another important thing to remember is that sometimes the names that a guide will give you, along with their visual appearance, will change over time as your relationship with them grows and changes. There may be one name they use to connect with you during the beginning phases of your spiritual growth, then the name may shift and evolve as your work with them shifts and evolves.

What remains the same through all communications, however, is their energy signature. Getting to know what your guide looks like and their name is very helpful for connecting to them because we live in a society where names and appearances are important. However, it is the feeling, the energetic vibratory signature, which does not change, and which is their true signature.

~ If you would like to know more about your guides, I offer Spirit Guide readings where we meet your guides, learning their name and appearance and how to better connect with them. These are available for either one or three guides ~

What is your guide’s name? Has it changed or remained the same?

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