We all have spirit guides. We all have animal guides. But what really is the difference?

If we are looking at this subject from a grand overall view, really, there is no difference. Spirit guides and animal guides both interact with your energy to assist you in your journey during your lifetime here on earth.

But, there are some minor differences, both in their energetic makeup and in how they work and interact with us.


First, however, let’s discuss why we have animal guides and some of the ways in which they are similar to our spirit guides. Animals incarnate here on earth just as humans do. We both live our lives to learn and experience this earthly plane. In such a fashion, we work cooperatively in many ways, both in our physical environment and in our spiritual world.

Just as human souls and spirits help animals in their earthly incarnations, animal spirits assist humans as well. It is as simple as that. Humans and animals work together on earth and they do the same in the spirit world as well.

When interacting with animal spirits, you will find there are actually a lot of similarities in how they present themselves. They usually give an image, either generic of the type of animal energy they represent or more specific to their specific frequency. Some even like to show themselves with props, hats or glasses, to represent different aspects of their work with you or their personality.

Animal guides also have energetic impressions they give off when near your physical body. They may be felt as a tingling sensation or a warmth in a certain part of your body or environment. 

Basically, animal guides work very similar to spirit guides. Many cultures over the years have recognized this fact and aspect of their work and have used their totems or representatives in different fashions.

There are, however, some distinct ways that animal guides differ from spirit guides

Different Energy Frequencies 

Animal guide’s general overall energetic frequencies seem to be different than that of spirit guides. To use a human term, I would almost call them “lighter” or with less presence than spirit guides which have a more “heavy” or all encompassing energy to them.

Animal guide energy is also a little denser in feeling, not as dense as physical form, but still slower than spirit guides. Because of this, sometimes connecting with your animal guide may be easier to do than communicating with your spirit guides.

Minor versus Major life events

Another difference is that animal guides tend to work with humans on more minor personal characteristics, not major life events or decisions. They tend to help with our personality complex as opposed to major soul movement and decisions. This means they will be more likely to help us figure out which path to drive to work as opposed to which path to walk in life.


Animals also rely heavily on symbolism. The characteristics they have on earth are some of the characteristics they tend to represent in spirit form as well. The beaver who likes to build structures is representative of the physical work we do in this earthly world. The sheep who likes to graze and enjoy his environment represents those same aspects for us in our physical world. You get the idea.

Easier to Connect With

We already mentioned how the energy of animal guides are easier to connect with because of their makeup, but there are also some human perceptions that make them easier to connect with as well. 

Some people just prefer to talk and interact with animals rather than humans. There is sometimes that unconscious bias that you are bothering or annoying a spirit guide by constantly contacting them and asking them questions (although this is not true), connecting with your animal guide gets around this conundrum. 

***If you are interested in meeting your animal guide, I have readings available in my Etsy shop, and, as always, I have several reading options to connect you to either one or three of your spirit guides. If you prefer to find and meet your animal guide yourself, check out my Psychic Development book to increase your natural intuitive ability***

Do you communicate more with your animal guides or your spirit guides? Any preferences? 

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