Asking the guides what energies we can expect for the coming month.

The first image they bring through is of a black car with a red leather interior. They say to “expect the unexpected.” This image has multiple layers of symbolism to it. We have the car itself, which represents moving forward and progress. Then there is the black color of the car which adds mysteriousness to it, while the red interior shows that appearances aren’t always what they seem.

This month is categorized by our actions and ideas coming forward in new and varied forms. What we thought would happen may take on a different shape or direction this coming month with surprises in how thoughts turn into manifestations. There is this idea of the progress which is to come this month is not typical or what it appears. There is an additional layer to anything which converts what could be into what will be.

The next image the guides send is that of a bright shining sun. Under this sun, an individual sweats and visibly toils in the heat of the day. We see an aspect of hard work, but also the feelings that the work is more than the outcomes that are expected.

When toils turns from triumph to strife you know it is time to put down the hoe and take a different path. There is no reward for toiling where no toil is required. When the outcome does not equal the reward, let go of the desire as it is written and find a new form to manifest in and through.

The guides speak of reassessing what you are doing and making sure that the reward is worth the effort. There is no reason to put energy into something that does not deliver. This could be a career, a relationship, or a life choice. This can also be as simple as looking at where and what you are giving your attention to. If there is drama overtaking your life look to see if you are the one creating and manifesting that drama for the purpose of the energy that may be received instead of the outcome which is to come.

Next the guides show the image of grass being cut. Now is a time to cut back on those aspects of your life that are getting in the way. They may show immense growth, but are they worth it? Along with the image of the hot sun, we get the idea of cutting back and removing the growth that is no longer for our highest good. Just because something is going well does not mean that it needs to continue.

As you move into this next denomination of time, keep your focus on where you want to grow the seeds you have planted. The fertile landscape will not manifest without the weeds being removed and the soil tended to. There is no purpose in growing in a climate not situated for growth.”

Here the guides show the difference in plants growing in a soil that is tended with love and those that are in a barren landscape that is cold and without warmth. “The seeds that are offered the warmth of love grow into the flowers of divine manifestation, while those that have been planted and neglected will toil into ruin.”

Thanking the guides for coming forward today, they send you their blessings for eternal and everlasting peace. 

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