“The touch of light from heavens falls softly on those who wait. 

The touch of light from heaven speaks to those who do not seek. 

The touch of light from heaven is the shining voice of the gods above. 

The touch of light from heaven is often misunderstood.

The depth and breath which we seek to speak through is nevermore the presence in which we wait. There is no doubt which cannot be manufactured by man and no understanding which cannot sit in the face of fear. There is only being. There is only living in this time and space which you have desired. There is no other way. There is no other message.

We ask that you sit in this peace. Sit in this voice and allow yourself to hear the message from the soul – the lively song which sings and makes itself known to all who sing in harmony. 

We are the light of the world radiating the love which is ever present and all knowing. You are the beacon which has been sought and the beacon which lights the way. We trust in the everlasting oneness which exists in all beings.

Today is your hour to sit and relax. Today is your hour to be in the presence of the divinity in which you sit. There is no other way of being but in the moment in which you sit.” 

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