Let’s see what type of energy to expect in the coming month…

The first image the guides send along is that of a woman in a canoe rowing along a calm stream. “The momentum forward this month will be direct and calm. There is no reason to hurry forward when the waters before you do not ask for speed. Take your own pace and allow the movement to come first within then be expressed without. 

The speed of movement is the energy we speak of in the coming month. Fast does not always win the race and slow and steady can accomplish grand tasks. There is an inner truth to these words which radiate from your source center and into the environment you sit in. Slow down. Enjoy the moment. Forward movement does not have to be fast movement.”

Next, the guides send an image of an individual shooting a basketball towards a hoop on an outside court. “Find your rhythm we ask fo you. Find the points of contact inside which express the rhythm of your soul and allow that to be seen. There is no one guarding you this month, there is no one blocking that shot, so just shoot.

The energy before you is one of possibilities, but no possibility will emerge if you don’t make an effort to begin and interact with the process. There must be effort made towards the goal for the goal to be possible. Make that effort.

Next, the guides send the image of a woman scrubbing a wooden floor with a large brush. The image has a cartoony feel to it like it was taken out of the old Cinderella movie. “This month we ask for concerted effort. Effort is not always necessary in the tasks we love but must be placed in the tasks that are necessary, the tasks which represent service to your fellow man.

Do not shy away from the tasks that must be done to get to the tasks which you want to get done. Allow the process to unfold as it must, and typically the floor must be scrubbed before the girl can go to the ball. Scrub the floor so you can go to the ball.

There is no reason to despises these daily tasks that must get done, instead find the joy and the song in your heart during them to bring them to a higher vibrational standing. The scrubbing of the floor can be a boring task or it can be an opportunity to explore the senses of the vessel in which you sit. Take this opportunity for what it gives you, even if you do not see that opportunity as worthy.”

Thanking the guides for coming forward, they move to the background.

It looks like the guides have messages for us this month about moving slowly through our world, taking the opportunities which are presented to us, and finding the joy in the mundane tasks.

If you would like messages from your guides, these readings are available through Etsy here.

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