The sound of footsteps in the distance is just that, footsteps in the distance. What matters is not what you find waiting for you in that distance theoretical space or time, but what is happening right in front of you.

Do not allow the past that has left you become the future of your fixations. The place before you is the moment of now. Rest in that moment and allow that moment to take hold. Whatever you will find waiting for you is not important. This now moment is.

So often you find yourself wrapped up in the pleasures of the past. The ideas that previous selves have created and called good. But are those what is good in the present? Perhaps the present has a different definition of what is good? 

Find what is good for you now, is what we ask. Do not let the dictates of previous civilizations and times show you what is good. Instead look at the moment you are in. Taste the moment you are in and let it respond to you, let it echo the songs of your heart. This is where truth is found.

Blessed Be.” 

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