I have had this title as a blog post idea sitting on my computer screen for over six months now. This is a topic that I sit on and ponder over and over again as the days go by. There may be something I read that signals its message or a reading I do that reminds me of this idea. It feels like an important potential for shift and change that is ready to come into the collective consciousness at this time. 

In essence, what I am talking about here, is the shift from the awareness of “I want” energy into the domain of “I am”. The subtle shift of not needing or desiring but of just being and radiating. 

It feels like a lot of spirituality now is focused on the “I want” principle. The desire to have and to get. The desire to be better than others or at least seen by their peers. The law of manifestation and the secret. The need for the next greatest tarot deck and all the tools for the perfect craft. The need for more likes and subscribers. 

All these aspects of spirituality center on the idea of “I want”. The vibration of needing and getting and making happen.

In my personal practice, I have been watching my thought patterns and the building of the “I want” in them and reexamining this state of mind. 

What is it that I really want? Is it a true desire or is it just something society and my culture has programmed me to want?

When I feel this vibration of “want” start to bubble up inside myself I see if I can shift it to the “I am” principle, the principle of just being. The state of perpetual vibration. The outgoing flow that merges with the universal source.

Now…practically…this isn’t always easy. We live in a culture that has a deep seated underlying ideas of work and being a productive member of society. The shift needs to occur in our collective thoughts here as well. To be a productive member of society does not mean we need to do or desire things, but instead being in a vibrational state which is helpful to our fellow entities as well as ourselves.

When we are in the moment of the “I want” vibrational principle, recognizing this and knowing how to switch our mindsets is a great practice to start with.

The first part of this practice is that of recognition – being aware of which state you are in. The best way to practice this is through awareness exercises such as meditation.

Knowing then how to shift your perspective is the next step. You can do this in a variety of ways, but my favorite is to work with a personal mantra which acts as a vibrational trigger to shift your energetic output. 

It is helpful to ask your guides and inner self for a mantra and go with this suggestion, but a few of my favorite over the years are:

“Loving Kindness”

“Be still and know that I am God”

“I am”


These are just a few simple sayings that you can bring into your awareness to help shift your energetic field away from the principle of “I want” and toward the principle of “I am” if this feels right for you.

How do you shift your awareness? Do you have any techniques you prefer??

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