Last week, I wrote about forgoing manifestation and the idea of “I want” and instead focusing on the “I am”, and today, let’s get back to that “I want” state of mind…

If you have kids, you likely know that this “I want” culture is pretty strong in our modern environment. There is always something they want or seemingly need that pops up every week. 

Practically, as a parent, it is difficult to find a way around this idea of getting your kids items, especially with the ease of ordering on amazon. There are some methods to help smooth out this process, but sometimes, a toy is just a delight to purchase for a kid. It is in these times that I’ve found an opportunity to practice a more metaphysical and spiritual manifestation process. 

What am I talking about here??

Well, I have a pretty recent example to work from. It starts with the fact that my daughter earns “stars” which translate into “quarter” which results in purchases of items she desires. Basically, we are teaching my daughter to do her school work to earn money just as grownups do their work to earn an income.

Recently, my daughter used this hard earned money to purchase a stuffed animal dog. The only issue with this is that, after ordering online, you then have to actually wait for the stuffed animal to show up at your doorstep. This waiting is often very difficult and full of questions about when it will come and how longer they have to wait.

Hence, my teaching of manifestation with my daughter. 

Here is the situation. She kept saying “I want my stuffed animal to come.” If you are a parent, you know how annoying this type of repeated question can be. Being a metaphysical and  knowing the vibrational signature of this specific statement I could see the problem forming in front of us. Saying “I want” amplifies the energy of “want” and “lack” instead of the vibration of already having.

Instead of increasing this “want” energy, we worked on having her change her statement to “I love my stuffed animal” and visualizing herself with the toy and what she would do with it, practicing sending a different vibration out into the cosmos, one of having instead of lack.

Interestingly, after she did this, the estimated time of deliver shifted closer by 15 minutes. This offered us a nice clear representation of how this wording and simple change of sentence and thought pattern helped bring the stuffed animal to her quicker.

In the end, the stuffed animal came sooner than I thought it would and we ended up with a very happy child. 

Now, I’m sure we will have to repeat this suggestion in the future when other packages or exciting events are anticipated, but it was a great first start! 

How do you teach your children about manifestation? Any practical methods that seem to work for you?

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