Recently, I finished reading The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary and this book fell beautifully in line with where my path has been taking me over the last year or so. I could even say, this is one of the best books I’ve read in the last few years and now I am contemplating purchasing it for my collection as it was a library borrow, but then I think about paper production and consumerism and that leads to more questions, which leads me back to the energy which this book brings forward.

This is an ancient energy, an energy older than time and without place, the energy that our forefathers knew inherently but which has been kept hidden in plain sight over the last millennia or so. This is that divine feminine energy. The energy of creation and all. The energy of potential and possibility. 

In, The Way of the Rose, this energy is introduced in its modern form as the individual of Mary, the woman who birthed Jesus. But this book also acknowledges that the characteristics of this Mary figure are older and more ancient than the Christianized version. There is a coming together of the Christianized Mary with the Mother of All, the recognition of this feminine or receptive energy which is present in all things.

The book works its way through the practice of connecting with this energy through the praying of the rosary, a task which seems very Christianized but, again, has ancient and deeply spiritual leanings. The use of prayer beads can be found in almost all religions and their existence as a tool for spiritual work and connection is for good reason – they work. 

Prayer beads work to help connect the heart with the body, the physical with the spiritual, the mind with the soul. The work of the act of prayer or mantra meditation, which is the work of the soul, combined with the work of moving a bead from physical finger to physical finger. The use of prayer beads during spiritual practice is a unification of the human form we all are in with the spiritual self which inhabits this form. 

Basically, prayer beads of any kind are a great tool for spiritual work because of this unification principle. But, of course, I always recommend trying out practices to see for yourself.

In the book, one of the authors, Clark Strand (co-author is his wife Perdita Finn) starts to have visitations by Mary, experiencing the apparition of the Virgin Mary personally and in a direct fashion. 

Clark is an ex-Buddhist monk, so not someone with strong Christian leanings. This background helps to bring the energy of Mary forward as she truly is, one of ecological and societal importance, not one of structure and uniformity of the church. 

Clark’s conversations with Mary are woven throughout the text, both with explanations of the words in his own writing and letting Mary’s statements speak for themselves towards the ending of the book. What is revealed are words of hope and words of truth. Words which reveal that this feminine divine energy is always present and always available for connection. Words which reveal the need for a change within our society and within ourselves, to accept this feminine energy and honor the divine earth in which we are inhabiting instead of destroying it.

Personally, I have felt this need for the divine feminine’s energy to come back into my life this last year coinciding with the appearance of a new or unknown personal spirit guide who has made herself present for me to work with and through. This guide has reminded me of the importance of spirit and the need for a revival of the energies which connect us to the earth and to each other. The idea that we are here in human form for a reason, not just a spiritual reason, but a physical and earthly one as well. 

Using the method outlined in The Way of the Rose, I have started to call forth this divine feminine energy more into my presence and it is a palpable energy that can be felt deeply in the soul. Perhaps try for yourself and see if this presence is needed in your life as well.

You may be able to tell that I highly recommend this book, but it is one that will also encourage you to face your own ideas about the Christian religion and whether it is something that you have rejected since childhood, have strong opinions on, or are neutral on the matter. I have found that many spiritual people reject anything seemingly “Christian” outright as it is a rebellion against the religion they were sold in their youth. I encourage everyone to lift the energies to a different octave, to reimagine and reframe those to one of truth and love. 

Working with the energy of Mary can be very powerful. Using the rosary as a tool to do so can form a connection between you and the energies around you if you choose to go this route. This divine feminine energy is present and waiting for you to embrace and feel its presence.

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