This month, the guides did not wish to give us any hints of what is in store for June. I have asked previously about this time and they continue to say that it is more important to “be in the moment rather than to try to understand the moment in which you are in.”

I have been doing these readings in one form or another for over five years now – a monthly check in with the energetic field of what is coming up in the month ahead. Last week was the first week that my guides did not alert me to the fact that it was the end of the month and this was the post we should do. Instead, they suggested a post about tips for being in the now moment.

I find it interesting that they do not want to comment on the coming energy. I do not see this as anything “bad” or “negative” coming for us in the future, only an opportunity to view the “future” in a different way.

There are shifts that are occurring in the collective consciousness of us as a species. Some feel these shifts and for some they are oblivious to what is happening around them. For some this is a time of transition and changes, changing what you perceived as your reality and learning to live in the new version of reality in which you find yourself.

To be in this time we currently are in, the guides are saying to stop trying to force yourself to understand and anticipate what is coming ahead of you and instead focus on what is right before you. 

This is a collective task we are receiving this month, to be okay with not knowing, to focus on the being and enjoying where and what we are.

The path forward is what you seek. What roadblocks, what obstacles, what opportunities will there be for you on this journey which you have commenced? We may say that there will be many, but many is an arbitrary and unthoughtful entity. We may say that there will be a few, but few does not describe what you are seeking.

What it is which you are seeking are the answers of what will be, what is, what is coming into being and into existence. And this is what we may say at this time.

The coming time, in your frame of reference, will bring forth opportunities for change. These changes may come in waves across your system. These opportunities are for you to understand what has come before you and what will be coming in the future. 

We ask that you release this need to know. This need to truly understand what is before you and instead enjoy the process which is in the being. The being of your true self in the moment of time in which you currently sit.

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