The winds of change may blow upon you, but why should you fear? The wind blows the waves just as it stirs your soul. Let it do the job it has been sent on earth to do. Let it come before you, batter your feet, make its presence known, so that the truth may be set free upon the shores of your heart.

We do not ask for patience. We ask for perseverance. Perseverance within the moment in which you have been presented. Perseverance within the heart which beats steadily in your chest.

It is not for men to decide what the troubles of the world are, but for men to understand the wrath of the ocean which is laid at their feet. For the ocean moans and sighs with the comings of the wind, but it does not break in the face of challenge. It holds steady, surrounding the obstacles and embedding it into the soul of the world.

Now is the time we ask for you to see the truth as it sits before you. A truth of understanding in the nature of the world as it is being presented to you. The truth of the universe as it is unfolding and expressing itself.

There is no need for exuberance when sacrifice has not been asked for. Instead that which we ask is a simple matter. We ask for joy. We ask for joy to be expressed in every nerve ending and every task undertaken. We ask that this joy be in your heart and in your presence. We ask for the acceptance of the joy we place before you. We ask for joy to be ever present in your life, both through the being and throughout the soul.

Do not attempt to navigate the waters before you with a heart which is not full of joy. This will lead to a sinking and a misunderstanding. But if this heart is full of joy the buoyancy of love will keep you afloat no matter what storms rage around you, rage through you.

Peace be with you and blessed be unto the ends of this earth everlasting.” 

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