We, as a species of humans, like to complicate matters in regards to the purpose of our time on this planet. We like to add steps to the process and speak of certain rituals or rules we must follow to maintain and live a good life here on earth. But really…the purpose of life is rather simple. To love.

Yes, we have other reasons for being here, balancing out karma and raising our vibrations so we can join the oneness which is, I even do readings where we look at your personal soul purpose and lessons (and hint, your purpose is very rarely your actual job). But, when we boil everything down to the simplest form, our true purpose in living our lives is to love.

To love all.

To love all completely and fully.

To love and be love.

Now, there are some helpful tools we have learned over centuries, millennia, which help us get to this part of universal love. These tools have been handed down by masters over the years who incarnate to teach us different ways to see everyone as love, and these can be helpful in our advancement as a species. 

We have learned that forgiveness is essential and a stepping stone in the process of learning to love all, for how can we love our neighbor if we harbor grudges against them? We must first learn to forgive, to slough off any drama we like to focus on and obsess over, before our true feelings of love can set in.

It is also helpful to learn to be thankful for what you do have while you are on earth. Even if all you have is one seed, this seed can be planted to generate more, that is enough to be thankful for. Those feelings of thankfulness and blessings can multiply within you until you see all the world as it truly is, a blessing and opportunity to truly learn how to love.

Throughout our incarnation on earth, we are given many opportunities, some may call them roadblocks or lessons, to see the world as it truly is, our school on love. It is up to each of us individually to learn to love collectively. 

We are tasked with loving everything and everyone completely. From the neighbor whose dog poops on your lawn to the murderer who goes on a killing spree. Each and every act and actor is a representative and opportunity for you to love.

In our modern era we have come up with many excuses on why we can’t love certain types of people or individuals. We see the horrors they inflict on others and say that if we love them then we would just be “spiritual bypassing”. But…come on…that is not the true course of this world.

To love someone does not mean you accept their behavior or desire to replicate their actions on this earth. You can love the murderer and not accept the act of killing as appropriate or right. 

It is when you can see the world as it truly is, an opportunity to love, that you can find the peace which is universal and eternal around you. 

But, this is up to you. You have free will. You can decide to see the murderer as evil and complain daily about everything that you perceive as wrong in this world. Or you can choose to see everyone as love and the various situations you find yourself in as opportunities to love.

Which do you choose?

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