Tarot spreads have become popular over the years, with individuals creating new spreads for almost every scenario and sharing them online. Perhaps it is the advent of social media which coincides with spreads of every type growing in popularity. Just do a quick search on Instagram and you can find a spread for any type of situation you have in mind, from full moons to solstices to how to navigate an IEP meeting.

I have also noticed that the more unique tarot spreads are shared online and become common, the less the traditional basics are used. The ubiquitous Celtic Cross is almost never seen on social media…and maybe that is okay. 

I am always a fan of creating your own spread for whatever situation you find yourself in, but I also see the benefit of using a pre-made spread to help you along. The Celtic Cross has its place in the tarot world, even if it is not as revered as it was previously. 

One major issue with the Celtic Cross, and why its claim to fame is likely decreasing with the increase in tarot readers worldwide, is that it can be confusing at times. How does one interpret the hopes/dreams card? Does that outside influence card really matter in every situation? 

Personally, I just do not use the Celtic Cross much, if ever, in my personal practice. Instead, I have a very similar, but not as involved tarot spread which I have used for years now when I want to get a general overview of a situation – an energy check-in. 

So, as with everything I write, take what works for you and discard the rest. Here is my favorite personal spread which is modeled off of the Celtic Cross but is easier to understand and apply to your own life.

Card 1 – General energy: simple card which just gives you an overview of what energies are currently around. This is the base card in which everything else flows from.

Card 2 – What to leave behind: the energy which needs to be released right now, the past card.

Card 3 – What to move towards: the energy that you should look towards and where you are heading, the future card.

Card 4 – What to seed: What energies you need to start thinking about and seeding in your life for the future. 

Card 5 – What to grow: What energies you need to bring forward right now.

Card 6 – Advice: pretty self-explanatory here

Card 7- Outcome: likely outcome of the energies involved

There you have it, my personal all purpose general spread. What is your favorite tarot spread??

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