Looking at what the energy patterns of July reveal for us…

The guides start off by showing an interesting image. We are taking items, rocks and coins, out of our mouths and dropping them into a body of water, a lake, in front of us. As each item drops there is a small “plop” sound and then we see rivulets form on the water around the location of these items connection with the water, fanning out, eventually hitting the shore where we stand. 

Watch your words this month dear children. Watch both what you say and what you do. The words have a power beyond your formation of thought. They can travel faster and brighter than your actions alone. When we speak ill of others that ill feeling reverberates out to the masses and eventually comes back to you. When you speak words of love and wisdom, those words have a way of flying freely into the hearts of every man.”

This month, the guides are giving us a task of watching how we speak, what we say and how we say it. This is a reminder that those words we speak to others and about others will find their way back in the universal stream of energy to ourselves. Do we want positive outcomes and love being reverberated back??

Next, the guides show an image of us doing the pattern of rowing in a canoe but we have no canoe, we are not in the water, and we are just standing on dry land thinking we are moving forward but we are actually stationary. In our mind’s eye we think we are in that canoe, but when we actually look around we see that there is just bare dirt and grass beneath our feet and no paddle is in our hands.

Do not be deceived by what others try to tell you about the world this month. Others will give you advice to flee or to rejoice when there is nothing of that sort occurring. This is a month of stationary movement, that is non-movement and non-action. It is through this lack of action where we will truly see the most gain this month. Stop pretending what you are doing is real and start realizing that the acts before you are ones of delusion and fright.” 

This month, the guides are asking us to be hyper aware of where we are and what we are doing. What other people tell you about the situation around you is not always the truth. Instead, you must open your eyes and assess the situation for yourself. Do not be dissuaded against the reality you see in front of you. 

Next, the guides show an image of bright sun in the sky. This sun is shining bright and is warming up the earth and the people on this earth, making the tensions increase and the vibratory frequency decrease. 

Listen to the beating of your own heart. Listen to the rhythm that you create within yourself and which you send out to the masses. This is where true change begins to take place. Within the one which will spread to the two and create a third. This is the time to realize that what is before you is only a shell of what could be. What is within you is the truth of the matter. We ask that you radiate your truth as the sun in the sky radiates its warmth. It is through your truth that the love of humanity will flourish. It is through your truth where the vibratory field of this world will raise and create the eden which is mean to be.

The guides again ask us to look at our own frequency and radiate that loving awareness out to the masses. It does not matter what happens in the outer world. What truly matters is what happens within. Once you can connect with that inner feeling and spread that where you walk, you have the true ability to make this place as it is meant to be and truly is, a heaven on earth.

Thanking the guides for coming forward and speaking today, the bow their heads and disappear into the ethos. 

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