The guides have asked to speak today, so this is their forum in which to do so. Asking them to come forward. What would you like to say to us today?

There is a shift in the energy field which is apparent to all. There is a shift which is taking place and has taken place, and which will take place within the field in which you all sit. This is a shift which is the result of mankind’s collective decision. This is a shift into the reality in which you sit today.

We ask you, now, that instead of fighting this shift and this change around us, instead, find a way to center yourself so that you do not tip over and capsize within this shift. The waters of life always flow and change, but that does not mean that all must suffer in this universal flow.

The world around you is not what it seems and it is everything it is meant to be. The world around you is what has been formed by the collective thoughts of all beings currently present and present at one point in incarnation.

The shifts which we speak are the result of a collective outcry of grief and a desire for the understanding of mankind to shift as well. With all change comes turmoil because the way of once being is no longer present. The way that is has not been formed. The way is only the current in which you are sitting.

To understand the process which is unfolding within all mankind at this present time structure is to understand what was written in the stars at the dawn of mankind. This is a reawakening and a reckoning of the forces of the universe to the universal acceptance of the ideal of being.

Our vessel wants to know what does this means, what does this mean in human terms and simple terms. Yes, we say, this is an awakening, but not the awakening of the consciousness in which you sit and speak, but of the ways of a world that was meant to be and will be. Yes, we say, this can be an uncomfortable shift, but it is a necessary shift. Yes, we say all is as it was meant to be.

The forces at work in your universal structure do not want to dictate for you the thoughts of man, but they want you to understand that your thoughts, the thoughts of your fellow man, have a reaction and an inaction to their quality which is lacking in the hearts of man. It is through these hearts where we will see the shifts begin to take place. It is through these hearts where true freedom grows.


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